Reworking of a similar project "I Stole the King's Road" (2012) which was a screen printed assemblage. This piece is decorated by hand in pen and ink with new designs derived from the original. The title is taken from an accompanying set of prints which derived from themes in the projection and its surrounding research of the art scene surrounding The Kings Road in London during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The theatre incorporates one of these prints in the scenery. Thus whereas the previous work was aping the mass produced printed Victorian toy theatre, this is a unique piece of work. This creates a further extension of the original inversion of work in frame or actor on stage, or sculpture on plinth where the theatre once again plays the plinth, or stage and the work projected is the reproducible element.
The containing box is also part of the art work and incorporates some of the original print edition of "Augustus John Leaves the Pheasantry."

If you are interested in purchasing this work please get in touch to see it "live".