a waning wax waiting to be lost
to be found again as silver;

“as wax I am the the shape maker; a material for fingers to play with
ideas become solids, I offer malleable possibility
I am the pre material, the material before
a forfeited material I will be destroyed by the material that will replace me
my vanishing act will be complete, I will not to return
but until then, I remain unaltered; unsilvered”

Sculptural installation - wax & stone

Shown at the Beyond Scale gallery - Becoming silver - a before (the Bedale hoard) - Nov - Dec 2020
Images curtsey of Beyond Scale gallery

Pre silver - present wax, looks to preserve (for a time) the materials that are used and lost in processes that make other materials materialise. These pre-materials play an important role for both maker and end material. Through the shape and the decoration they work with the maker to mark out the final materials’ potentiality. For many silver forms, wax has once been and now is their invisible skeleton.