Our Melody Unwound has been made site-specifically for the vast atrium of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool. West’s first two-dimensional wall-based work consists of hundreds of thousands of vibrantly coloured stripes in an optical arrangement collectively creating an immersive experience. This spatial work is based on West’s continuous research into colour perception, wellbeing and the phenomena of light.

Our Melody Unwound creates a new space within the building for exploration and discovery. It depicts and symbolises a physical and metaphorical meeting point of both colours and people within the space. Covering all the walls of the ground floor atrium, this immersive installation helps join together the different paths across the space. The visually rich multicoloured stripes collectively become softer and more gentle creating a mesmerising mass when viewed from all angles. Our Melody Unwound appears to change and morph as you move around the space. The work encourages you to follow the work around the space on a visual journey with different perspectives offering intriguing colourways and kaleidoscopic visuals.

Our Melody Unwound is a permenant site-specific work commissioned by The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool City Centre. The work was completed and in October 2020.