27 March - 13th June 2021
The gallery will be open to visitors from 17th May
West Gallery, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight.

Dazzle + Disrupt showcases the work of two emerging artists working in the South, drawing inspiration from historical Dazzle camouflage and its relationship to the Island’s maritime heritage.
Delayed for almost a year since the first lockdown in 2020, Dazzle + Disrupt is the much anticipated exhibition of 2021 at Quay Arts exploring work by Jeannie Driver and Lisa Traxler, focusing on themes of perception, disorientation and disruption, instigated through the investigation of the Dazzle phenomenon.
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The gallery will be open to visitors from 17th May - 13th June 2021

Lisa Traxler, 2021
acrylic , laser cut poplar ply, varnish, resin

From the two dimensional wall sculpture ‘Descendants’ Traxler reconfigures off the wall to create the set of five slotted and hand painted three dimensional sculptures; ‘Time Traveller - Transformation’. Each vertical surface uniquely painted in a disruptive design and shaped to allude to ships vessels or fragments of defence architecture. These jagged geometric laser cut wood forms create a transitory sense and a temporary confusion of identity through the gallery space and viewed against the tension of the hand painted wall mural. This delineation between the two dimensional edge of vertical painting and the three dimensional edge of the sculptures creating an illusion of perspective and unknowing. The apertures created by extracting shaped forms play with the surface planes to increase this perspective illusion.

image: Julian Winslow