Approved: 03.04.2012

Lisa Selby

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Approved: 03.04.2012



    Artist Statement

    Over the past two years, I have recorded (and continue to record) a large archive of sounds and images from the routines of addicts, as well as the non-addicts, co-dependents and enablers who satellite their lives. Amongst these users are:

    • My recently deceased mother; whose heroin addiction left a wake of chaos in her life and surroundings.
    • My recovering heroin addict partner; who currently resides in prison. I have been recording his downfall, from when we met at Alcoholics Anonymous to his present situation. I collect his thoughts and feelings from the inside through telephone calls, emails and letters.
    • My Dad. An avid stamp collector and sugar addict. 

    I engage with paraphernalia related to addictions and film/recordings/documentation of relationships and dialogues based around routines and surrounding discourses (I am also talking to other addicts in prison and the people working within the UK criminal justice system).

    I begin with documenting objects and filming situations in relation to addictive behaviours. I rearrange, think, rethink and remember. These processes point towards narratives associated with notions of domesticity, routines, addictions and where these paths can lead. Collisions of materials, words and actions comment on physical situations and psychological relationships. These dialogues are both intimate and societal. I engage with fragments of conflict and love, where the extremities are condensed in minimal forms and gestures are intensified. Situations are laced with unexpected and often terrifying interjections of consciousness/trances and the awareness of fragility and change.

    CV & Education

    Solo Exhibitions and Performances  

    2016 Polite Gestures, Needs and Wants, WING Platform for Performance, Hong KongFunded by Firstsite, Colchester, UK, the Arts Council England and the British Council, UK and Hong Kong Baptist University

    2014 Some prefer nettles, Spotlight 2014 Winner Video/Sound/Performance, Andipa Gallery, London, UK

    2014 Must come down, Inova, Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee, US National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, 48th Annual Conference, USand the University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

    2014 Uphold Withhold, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, UK

    2013 With and Without, The Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

    Selected Exhibitions and Events

    2017 Domino Film screening, The Shoe Factory, Norwich

    2016 Say What? ASC Gallery, London, UK

    2016 Akerman Daly writing course, Firstsite, Colchester

    2016 I am. I am. I am, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK and Norwich University of the Arts, UKDelivering a series of ceramic-based workshops to students studying at Norwich University of the Arts, culminating in a presentation and a group exhibition

    2015 TAP Members Show, TAP, Southend, UK

    2015 Staging the Artwork 2, ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, UK

    2015 Hidden in Plain Sight, Norwich University of the Arts Gallery, UK

    2015 Kitchen Thinking, St.Georges, Norwich University of the Arts, UK

    2014 Future Memories, 14°N 61°W, with Blue Curry, Martinique 

    2014 Everything concerns me, with Dusan Rodic

    Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany

    2014 Mapping Detours, Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, India

    2014 You who are strangers, Trialogues Residency with Megan Broadmeadow and Vera Kox 

    Peer Sessions, ASC Studios, London, UK

    2014 Take a Bite of Peach, Attic, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, UK

    2014 UN film screening, Metal, Southend-on-Sea, UK

    2013 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Awards, London, UK

    2013 Post Post, St James Church, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

    2013 Peer Sessions exhibition with Blue Curry, Enclave, London, UK

    2013 The Peer Sessions Archive Exhibition, London, UK

    2013 Art Angel Open 100 (online), UK

    2013 Creekside Open, selected by Ceri Hand, A.P.T Gallery, London, UK

    2013 UN3, UNbe, with John Hannon, Southend-on-Sea, UK

    2012 Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes, Open Exhibition, London, UK

    2012 Temples of the Domestic 2, Clifford Chance, London, UK

    2012 Open Show 2012, The Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

    2012 Artificialia, The Albany, Deptford X, London, UK

    2012 The Other Art Fair, London, UK

    2012 Soho Members Club, Apartment 58, London, UK

    2012 Jotta Live, The Editions Space, London, UK

    2012 Sum of Substance, Jotta,The Affordable Art Fair, London, UK

    2012 Domestic Violet, with David Ben White

    Curated by Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Foodface, London, UK

    2011 The Face of the Shape, La Scatola Gallery, London, UK

    2011 Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Final Show, London, UK

    2011 Home and Belongings, Home is woman, Seoul, South Korea


    Awards and Residencies

    2017 Summer Lodge Residency, Nottingham Trent University, UK

    2017 Winter Lodge Residency, Nottingham Trent University, UK

    2016 Artists' International Development Fund, Arts Council England and the British Council, UK

    2016 a-n The Artists Information Company, Travel Bursary Award Recipient  

    2016 Hong Kong International Research Trip (June-July) funded by Firstsite Gallery, Colchester, UK. Research and exhibition cycle curated by Craig Cooper. The project was a partnership between Hong Kong Baptist University, Madame Wang (journal, UK/HK) and Treignac Project (France)

    2016 Firstsite Research Associate and Residency, Firstsite, Colchester, UK

    2014 RBS Spotlight 2014, Winner Video/Sound/Performance, Andipa Gallery, London, UK

    2014 Ceramic Artist in Residence, Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany

    2014 Honorary Fellow, Department of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

    2014 Artists' International Development Fund, Arts Council England and the British Council, UK

    2013 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award, London, UK

    2013 Peer Residency, Enclave, London, UK

    Publications and Print Portfolios
    2015 East/West Print Portfolio, Impact 9 International Printmaking Conference
    China Academy of Arts, Hanzhou
    Norwich University of the Arts and Falmouth University, UK

    2013 Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award Catalogue, UK

    2011 Macaca Mulatta, Ditto Press, London, UK
    2011 Goldsmiths G40 Print Portfolio, London, UK


    2017 Nexus Points, Context Lecture, Nottingham Trent University, UK

    2016 Artist Lecture, The Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, China

    2014 Artist Talk, Talking Heads, Winchester School of Art, UK

    2014 Covent Garden Slam, North Hall, Market Building with the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, UK

    2014 You'll feel a little prick, Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany

    2014 Artist Talk, MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, US

    2014 Lecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

    2013 Sculpture Slam, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, UK

    2013 Artist Talk, The Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

    2012 DIY After School, A.P.T Gallery, London, UK


    2011 - Present. Lecturer, Fine Art BA, Nottingham Trent University, UK

    2017 Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art MA, Norwich University of the Arts, UK

    2014 - 2016 Lecturer, Fine Art BA, Norwich University of the Arts, UK

    2012 Associate Lecturer, Camberwell College of Arts, BA Sculpture, London, UK

    2014 Visiting Artist, SAIC School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ceramics MFA, US

    2014 Honorary Fellow and Visiting Artist, Ceramics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

    2014 Visiting Artist, MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, US