Installation: wood, glass, light, motors

Quantum physicist David Bohm, who was interested in how paradigms occur, described perception as a feedback loop of sensory information, abstract analysis and re-testing our environment as we build up a structure of reality based on consistent experiences. Fresh information can be discarded because it doesn’t fit what we know or can warrant new investigations. However, once we understand a concept, it is impossible to see the original perception in the same way.
Unexpected arcs of light detected by astrophysicists in deep space appear illusory at first. When it was understood that these smears of light were in fact distorted light from galaxies bent by the gravitational pull of dark matter, they began to calculate the shape of this mysterious, invisible stuff. For example, reflected light on the bottom of a pool tells us the fluid contours of the surface even though the water is transparent. In this piece, the variance of light and shadow create a narrative about twisted, clear glass.