I forgot I was Lebanese.

My ongoing investigation into my personal (distant) connections to my culture and heritage. Time is what I crave to focus on my practice with the intention of provoking an elusive conversation with myself and others about positions of life such as my responsibilities, position and identity as a woman. My practice has naturally adopted a social aspect due to my research into my family history in Pembrokeshire, Wales juxtaposed with my estranged family history in Lebanon.
The contextualization of my ideas, thought, and findings hope to socially engage new audiences with the potential of encouraging a conversation (live document) around these issues. Working during the lockdown period and away from the workshop and practical environments naturally forced introspection in which I have begun to work in two dimensions that evolved due to having to work with materials that were in my surroundings such as old family photographs, fabric and various domestic objects. I naturally feel a connection to these and have begun to dissect their meaning by forming a sense of placement.

My identity exists yet remains in a state of flux.