Approved: 10.05.2018

Linda Izan

Artist, Digital designer, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Teacher

Approved: 10.05.2018

Although I have actively chosen to work with and develop textile techniques and skills during the past several years, my creative practice is not exclusively within this area. I am also keen to access and exploit mixed media, photography and digital media. 

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Artist Statement

Although I have actively chosen to work with and develop textile techniques and skills during the past several years, my creative practice is not exclusively within this area. I am also keen to access and exploit mixed media, photography and digital media. 

My work focuses on social issues. I allow the current given theme to predicate the choice of materials; materials that would add to the dialogue.  For example, if I am dealing with unwanted objects thrown into skips (as in my on-going body of work ‘Waste Embellishment’) I will use gold leaf or marbled velvet to emphasis what is valued and what is not.

When the narrative is focused on human rights, as in my work ‘We Warned You’ which deals with the issue of Domestic Abuse, I set up an installation mirroring a crime scene. Here I replicated the appearance of police cordon tape, digitally printing on the tape statistics on the impact of budget cuts to Refuges. Increasingly I have used text in my work. The text is there to ensure that the message is explicit, as my aim is to highlight the human experiences lived in a world, which increasingly questions the status quo.   

In general the impetus for work might be immediate or might develop over several years; with collection of photographic, video research and the exploration of public and world issues via the media and social media.  Also important to me, is the connection with other artists. Although I do not share a studio with a creative group, preferring to work in my own space, I do connect on a regular basis with the excellent art collective ‘Fabric of Protest’ a Manchester based group. Within the group ideas are brought to the forum and developed as well as new skills explored.

In September 2018, I was accepted as a member of the prestigious international exhibiting group Prism Textiles.  In October 2018, I was also accepted as a member of S.E.W. (The Society for Embroidered Work). Both groups invited me to exhibit with them in 2019.  

My work continues to be exhibited locally within the North West, Nationally and Internationally with my work highlighted on social media and within printed publications. 


CV & Education


May    Contemporary Textiles – Fronteer Gallery - Sheffield 

April    ‘Untold’ Prism Textile – The Art Pavillon - London 

April  Feb -May    Ferens Art Gallery 2022 Open Exhibition - Hull 


2021 Nov    The Knitting & Stitching Self Portrait Competition Harrogate

2021 Oct    Prism Textiles The Art Pavilion Mile End London 

2021 Oct    The Knitting & Stitching Self Portrait Competition Alexandra Palace

2021 Oct     British Textile Biennial: Stitch Your Story 2021 Blackburn 

2021 July   ‘The World We Live In’ Groningen, the Netherlands

2021 July     'Let Us Eat Cake' - Pineapple Black Arts  Middlesbrough UK

2021 June    'Voices of Earth Virtual Exhibition' – Art from Heart

2021 June    10th International Mini Textile Art Exhibition "Scythia" 

                     2nd International Micro Textile Art Exhibition "Scythia 

                     Ivano-Frankivs’k Gallery – Ukraine 

2021  March  What does International Women’s Day mean to you? MCR Manchester 

2021  March    In Celebration of Woman  – New Haus & Kofferraum Haus Gallery  

2021  March    Let Us Eat Cake – Online Exhibition 

2020   Dec         TexpoART Textile Art International Triennial 5th Edition  ‘Dream’ 

                            Victoria & Theodor Pallady Art Galleries - Iasi – Romania                                                                   

2020 August      'Ordinary No-Ordinary' Tall Sequoia Gallery - Toronto Canada

2020  July           'Text on Textiles ' Online Exhibition San José  MQT USA

2020  July          Interview 'Meet The Artist' Arnold’s Attic 

2020   June        Featured work Prism Virtual FESTIVAL 

2020    May        In Search of (IM) POSSIBILITIES  PRISM Textiles  -

                           Online Exhibition

2020    Feb - April     Ferens Art Gallery 2020 Open Exhibition - Hull 

2020    January    ‘Know Your Meme’ San José  MQT USA 


2019    December        'The Fronteer Open' 

                                    35 Chapel Walk Gallery  Sheffield 

2019    December        ‘Falling Walls’  Nau Arts Gallery Cheltenham       

2019    November       S.E.W.   Contemporary Stitched Art 

                                    Clerkenwell Gallery London  

2019    November        ‘Falling Walls’  John Street Gallery Stroud 

2019    September      FiLiA – Women’s Art   Atelier London 

2019    Oct- Jan           'Know Your Meme'

                                     San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles 

 2019    October             Prism Textile Group Exhibition - RBSA         

2019    May – June       'Fragility' Prism Textile Group Exhibition

                                     Hoxton Arches London     

2019    April - May        Friends of the Whitworth  Manchester  

                                      CASS Arts 

2019    March             WordPower: Language as Medium         

                                   LibraryX    Publication                                                     


2018    December       Open Art - Isherwood Gallery Wigan   

2018    July -Sept        'Fabric of Protest'

                                    Manchester Peoples History Museum  

2018    March             'Fighting Talk' SheFest Sheffield 

                                    35 Chapel Walk Gallery      


2016     October          Open Art   - Castle Park Frodsham             

2016    September       ‘Textiles 21’ Group Exhibition  

                                      World of Glass St Helens        


Prism Textile Group                 

‘SEW’ Society for Embroidered Work

ETN – European Textile Network 


Fabric of Protest                             Manchester Peoples History Museum 


- Wolverhampton Polytechnic -  B.A(Hons)  3-D Design Ceramics  

- Liverpool Polytechnic - A.T.D. (Art Teachers Diploma)

- Staffordshire University - Postgraduate Diploma Design CAD/CAM 

- Coventry University M.A. Electronic-Art Coventry