From the Plato's Cave Series - Acrylic skins on Canvas - 40x10cm

The Cave allegory is from Plato's, The Republic. Plato likens people untutored in the 'Theory of Forms' to prisoners chained up in a cave. The prisoners know nothing about the World outside the cave, and they are constrained so they can only look directly ahead at a blank wall. Behind them is a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners are people who carry shapes that cast shadows on the blank wall for the prisoners to see. The shapes are depictions of things from outside the cave in the 'Real World.' The people carrying them do not cast any shadows that the prisoners can see. The only things the prisoners can see are shadows cast by the shapes. The only sounds they can hear are echoes of conversations of the people who carry the shapes, and the sounds seem to come from the shadows on the wall.