Location: Thames Side Studios, Harrington Way, SE18 5NR, London

this workshop is a time collapse performative workshop set live between London and Tasmania. We will execute a Meadow Moon reflection using scrying objects gazing deeply to activate and bring forth the focus on water, inwards and outwards. We are water, yet we are destroying our waters globally.
Phillipa Stafford is an artist in Tasmania who makes her own devices to tease out frequencies and vibrations from stones and minerals to make them audible through feedback and looping. She will be projected live into our space in London, 10 hours ahead from Tasmania. This brings focus on North pole and South pole energy flows.
Linda Persson is a Swedish London based artist using various knowledges to explore and challenge Western patriarchal systems. She will make 12 scrying objects in ceramics that will be given to participants as a gift after the workshop.
The workshop takes place on Meadow Moon 16th July at the exhibition The Immeasurable at Thames Side Gallery Unit 4, London SE18 5NR and is limited to 12 people.
Please contact Linda at [email protected] if you are interested in taking part. You will not have to do much except for being open and listening to Phillipas live perfromance straight from Tasmania.

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