This is a solo exhibition that has originated from my research on witch craft, the other, bodies and borders. To Breathe Through The Bones Of The Dead is a memorial and an action focussing on the systematic implemented violence on the female being. This particular exhibition emphasise the 12 women that was accused, tortured and executed as 'witches' in Småland, Sweden.
I wanted to bring forth my geological and alchemical interest and how this is directly linked to land rights, industry and power. By using glass blowing I am working with a traditional craft man ship shaped by sand, fire and the air in a lung and highly skilled movement. I have created various objects, where 12 are going to be activated through a memorial ritual 22 November, bringing thoughts to life and death through the crystalized breaths of the objects in glass, shaped by my own and a glass blowers breath. I wanted to make these women's un acknowledged deaths into a visual realm and have done so by making their 'last breath' in glass.
The exhibition does two things; firstly, it opens up questions on 'witch-hunts' and the economy and secondly it is highlighting traditional highly skilled craft man ship as a way to create new ways of thinking and question through material.
It also shows 2 films shoot on 16 mm digitised.
The exhibition opens 22 November 2019 until 11th January 2020.
At Växjö Konsthall in Sweden