As part of ////// /O/O/O/O (Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus - Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang) curated by Nico Anklam my performance piece 'The Green Room' will travel in a new form, (S)tone Tensions to Velferden, Sokndal, and old iron mine exhibition place near Stavanger. This will happen the 26-27th August. My work is specifically supported by Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Committee, and the whole project by Kunsthal44, Denmark, Rogaland Kunsthall, Velferden, Norway.

Pip Stafford and myself are again trying a time collapse performance. In Norway, Velferden, 27th August. (S)tone Tension, is a performance with 2 parts, taking place between Norway and Tasmania. Whilst I be using voice (not for singing) with four local persons creating a sonic ritual live, to awaken stones below us. Meanwhile Pip Stafford will use electromagnetic frequencies to make the stones heard from Tasmania, as a live stream, a total time collapse, only experienced as a simultaneous act at Velferden, Norway.