Lesley Farrell

Artist, Curator, Event organiser, Project manager

Approved: 20.10.2013

I am an artist working in photography and co-founder of the curatorial collective CommonAs. I have worked for many contemporary art galleries and organisations, including Focal Point Gallery in Southend-on-Sea, where I was Director from 1998 - 2008, as Producer for World Event Young Artists, Nottingham, as Community Engagement Officer for The Collection, Lincoln, and Programme Manager for The Art House, Wakefield. As an artist I am interested in exploring how the sense of a direct connection with the past, often perceived in objects and places, can be communicated through the photographic image. In recent works this had led me to photograph a number of objects that have come into my possession by chance, for example items left in my house by previous occupants and tools discovered on my allotment. In other works I have combined projected images with the items themselves, playing with scale and the physicality of the object and its reproduction. 

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