VAINS - aims to be an interactive website which offers repository, search and content recommendation tools adjusted to art content in the online environment. It is meant to respond to the expected changes in content consumption as part of the movement towards a more complex web 3.0 generation, and would like to offer a customizable and personalized art viewing experience. VAINS aims to be a text free environment where visual experiences are interpreted through their contextual categorization and through the use of other sensual means, such as icons and sound.
The website would like to offer an alternative to search and recommendation toolds through a number of search possibilities within the site's content: collaborative filtering, embodied experiences, semantic associations and personal preferences.
The environment structure promotes correspondence and interconnection between different contents, so that each work of art could create a context for another. It is designated to create a parallel representation platform where a number of works could be seen at once. This also means that the display will be designed to create a total "one glimpse" visual experience of the website's content. In addition, the system aims to enable a text-free environment where interpretation of art works and visual data will be made possible through a system of icons and sounds. This will hopefully generate an alternative language which corresponds with the pace and dialectics of online culture, while creating an ongoing dialogue with the viewer, rather than impose curatorial authority.
The site is currently under development. We are using the Computer Fine Art Collection as our initial database, in courtesy of Doron Golan.
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