The Listening Wood uses SMS text and geofencing technologies to create a digital poetic walk, engaging with the Internet of Things to slow down and focus attention on fifteen of London's ancient and veteran urban trees. Lines of poetry are generated through SMS/web-based interaction with the work as the participants walk and encounter the trees, resulting in a co-authored record of their route that recalls the Romantic tradition of the Heath.

There are two iterations of the project - the first, a site-specific walk on the Heath, and the second, a gallery installation comprising a set of five large-format photographic prints on translucent fabric. In both instances, visitors are able to interact with the social histories of the trees by messaging an SMS number and incorporating keywords hidden on site to unlock fragments of poetry related to each tree. The result is an individual poem comprised of these human - nonhuman interactions.

The Listening Wood is a collaboration between artist Leah Lovett, computer scientist Martin de Jode, cultural theorist Duncan Hay and Professor Andy Hudson Smith (all UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis), produced in partnership with the City of London. The research project is funded by the EPSRC via a PETRAS grant.