The March of the Artists is about visibility : Unveiling the artists who are behind the art.
Walking from Manchester to London during summer 2018.
It’s inspired by the March of the Blanketeers that took place 200 years ago, in 1817.
Around 5,000 Lancashire spinners and weavers set off from Manchester to London with petitions for the Prince Regent about the desperate economic hardship faced by the textile industry in Lancashire.
Each carried a blanket to identify themselves to other textile workers as they walked.
This wasn’t an isolated event. It was part of building public protest and visibility which led to the Peterloo Massacre two years later, and the massive political changes that followed.
The March of the Artists isn’t an isolated event either, it is part of a larger movement of diverse, tenacious, resilient, dedicated groups and individuals, who are talking about
artists in city centres
artist led solutions
Artists are a powerhouse of creativity and environmental transformation; their work frequently experienced, as individuals rarely visible.
Day of debates;
during Manchester Histories Festival 2018, people will be invited to openly and positively debate the issues surrounding the visibility of our artists.
How do the artists behind the art become more visible?
Why does it matter?

The marchers will be stopping on the way, sharing and developing the debate, building on friendships, and deepening our visibility.