Intra Actions
This project started in 2018 and is ongoing. Intra-actions collects work written, performed and filmed as site-responsive pieces at a very particular location: Wonwell in South Devon. My relationship with Wonwell began in childhood. I have presented a short video poem about this site at ‘Flows of Entanglements’, a conference hosted by the University of Plymouth Geography Department in September 2019, and have engaged a number of people in walking conversations at the site, one at a time, such as representatives of the local AONB and Natural England, a paleoarchaelogist, an amputee war veteran, a diver interested in wrecks and ordinance, and others. There are many more of these conversations planned, with a view to building up a repository of embodied relationships that this ecotonic site hosts. Irregular journal entries add to material that I hope to develop into a publication.