Benthic Caress (2017) was a one hour participatory project which brought 100 people into the tidal pool at Devils Point in Plymouth, to listen to ecoacoustic recordings of marine life, using silent disco technologies. The invited contributors are Chris Watson, Leah Barclay, and Jez Riley French. Selected works by SW artists included contributions from Ivon Oates, David Rogers, Rachael Allain, Andrea V Wright, Moore & Parker, and Lee Berwick. Finally, a playful contribution from the SW Trio Wildlife Discotheque who often work with museums and other cultural institutions sharing their vinyl wildlife recordings. Although I have created many sonic works myself, for Benthic Caress I wanted to curate an experience using the works of others. The main reason for this was to open up the participatory aspect of the project, for artists as well as for listeners.