Video Installation
A Whistled and Text Code For Canary Wharf London UK 2012.

BIRDS is a film made with four participants, a group of young men, who were given the task to invent a code communicated with whistled speech and phone texts for
the purpose of a navigating the city landscape. The game takes place in the financial district of Canary Wharf, their aim is to avoid being seen by the numerous CCTV
camera’s throughout the underground and business areas of Canary Wharf. The film transposes whistled language traditionally used in rural mountainous areas into
the urban structures and office tower blocks of Canary Wharf. It combines this whistled form of medium range communication with current telecommunication devises
in the form of text messages and mobile twitter. The film has a social political dimension as it collages the young group of men with the conventional work environment
and global financial surroundings, the men appear out of place and their actions prove ominous and perhaps feral or animal hence the title ‘BIRDS’. Along with their
subversive activities communicating in code and dodging the CCTV, the film broadly aims to examine the tensions present in this environment and the parameters of
social and personal freedom in such urban spaces.

Credits a film by Laura Cooper, Camera Laura Cooper ,Tony Ukpo. Sound Laura Cooper and Connelly Lamar.
Cast John Kamau, Henryk Roberts, Kevin Kamara, Mark Gillion.