Ecclesia/Synagoga durational live performance works offers live engagement inviting audiences to actively participate with performance artist Helena Eflerová when she is performing in-situ at selected venues, each performance lasting six hours.

The Ecclesia and Synagoga performances are flexible in the way they are shown, the performances are recreated for every new location and can be adapted to any existing venue, making each performance unique due to the chorography changing in accordance to and direct response to the different sites.

Eflerová’s embodiment of the symbolic characters of Ecclesia and Synagoga though durational live performances, allows them to live again in the public imagination, revealing their significance for today’s society, while enabling fascinating exploration of the past.

To date Wilson-Eflerová’s Ecclesia/Synagoga performances have successfully toured galleries and sacred sites including Portsmouth Cathedral; Buckland United Reformed Church, Portsmouth; Osek Monastery and Galerie ITC, Osek, Czech Republic.

The Ecclesia/Synagoga performances can be showcased in gallery and non-gallery spaces and are suitable for people of all ages and respectful of peoples’ beliefs (if shown in a sacred site), challenging public perception on contemporary art through the use of temporary non-interventional media.

Ecclesia/Synagoga is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.