Approved: 16.08.2006

K M Bosy

Artist, Editor, Researcher, Writer

Approved: 16.08.2006

My ongoing documentarist (diarist) art practice uses video to record site in an interpretation of my experience supported by drawings and other works in still photography, digital print and lithography.

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      Artist Statement

      My ongoing documentarist (diarist) art practice uses video to record site in an interpretation of my experience supported by drawings and other works in still photography, digital print and lithography.

      CV & Education


      My ongoing documentarist art practice uses video to record journey in an interpretation of my personal experience, supported by drawings and other works in still photography, digital print, lithography and other media.

      Exhibitions include Another Land exhibition and events programme, at Kingston Museum and Stanley Picker Gallery, 2019; I Scared My Computer, at RCA, London, 2019; Intentions:  Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge exhibition at RCA, London, and 31ºC, ASC Gallery, London, 2017; Thinking through Sound, sound intervention for The Design Museum's opening weekend, November 2016; and Of Improvisation, a pop-up exhibition at Apiary Studios, which launched Inside here (Android and iOS), an artwork using smartphone technology. The app artwork is linked to a related (live and ongoing) online artwork and can be viewed at  My work is currently held at The Eagle Gallery (Emma Hill Fine Arts) in London. 

      I am based in London, UK, where I am a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. Previous to this, I studied painting at OCA(DU) in Toronto and Florence, Italy, and printmaking with Stanley Jones at the Slade School of Art in London. 

      Recent papers include Daydreaming space and the digital monument, Estudos em Design, 2019, Media language: video practices, EVA London 2020, Multiple means of expression, EVA London 2019 and Signs of expression, presented at CIDI (Information Design International Conference) and published in InfoDesign Journal in 2019.  Currently I am taking the role of editor and am part of a team developing a new online research journal facilitating Art and Design practice-based research. This new online experimental platform is supported by the School of Communication at RCA and will be launched October 2020. 


      2020  EVA London 2020, Media languages: video practices, authored by: Karen Bosy and Cristina Portugal. This conference wias held November 2020 (postponed from July 2020) London, UK. 

      2019  CIDI (Information Design International Conference), Brazil. Signs of Expression, authored by: Karen Bosy and Cristina Portugal.  Published later in 2019.

      2019  EVA London 2019, Multiple Means of Expression Made Available by Digital Media, authored by: Karen Bosy and Cristina Portugal.  ISBN 978-1-78017-522-5.

      2019  Conference Chair, CONGIC (Student National Conference of Information Design), Brazil.


      2020/21  Editor, a new online research journal supported by the School of Communication at RCA. This experimental platform will be launched in February 2021.

      2020  vault, text, medium format photograph, PROVA, Journal 5, Correspondence research group, School of Arts and Humanities, RCA, London.

      2020  Media languages: video practices, shared paper published in EVA London 2020 conference proceedings.

      2019  Signs of expression, shared paper presented at CIDI, Information Design International Conference in Brazil, published by InfoDesign Journal.

      2019  Multiple means of expression made available by digital media, shared paper published in EVA London 2019 conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-78017-522-5.

      2019  Daydreaming space and the digital monument, paper published by Estudos em Design https:/

      2017  Film 7we all look at the same sky,Intentions: Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, RCA, catalogue cover Image and research abstract.  ISBN 978-1-910642-30-6.  

      Webinars and Workshops

      2020  webinar, Media languages: video practices, Encontro em Design Contemporaneo, LabDesign Contemporaneo, Brazil.

      2020  Cybernetics and overtrust in the robotic age, webinar and panel discussion, Research students pre-sessional talks (RSST), Week 6, English for Academic Purposes, RCA, London.

      2019  The ad hoc and the organized in public spaceThe Commemorative Document and the Image Bankand Participation_Negotiation_Persuasion,on themes of Curatorial,Inspirations and Influences, and Movements and Trends during Research Student Pre-Sessional talks, a series of presentations & workshops, organized by English for Academic Purposes, Royal College of Art.

      2019   What is Public Space? at Trajectories IIan exhibition and events programme at Waterman’s Art Centre, London.  

      2019   What is Public Space? at Kingston Museumduring Another Land an exhibition and events programme exploring experimental visualisations of place in art and design practice aiming to generate discussion and compare methods, knowledge and communication in thevisualisation of place.  Another Landexhibition and events programme is supported by the London Doctoral Design Centre (LDoC), Kingston School of Art, the Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston Museum.

      2018   What is Public Space?,Public Space & Exchange andPublic Space & The Manifesto,on themes of Curatorial, Inspirations and Influences, and Movements and Trends for RSST research student presentations and workshops, organized by English for Academic Purposes, Royal College of Art.

      2017   Research summer school workshop event, using my zine What is public space?  to explore relationality of space and place, and the space of the monument.  Research Summer School, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London.  Images can be found in ‘news’ at:

      Selected Exhibitions 

      2019  Another Land an exhibition and events programme aiming to generate discussion and compare methods, knowledge and communication in the visualisation of place.  In my practice I record 'journey' and 'site' in an interpretation of my personal (individual, bodily, gendered) experience, using video and other works in still photography, digital print and lithography, documenting my 'path'. In this exhibition my site exploration enclosed linewas included as an installation.  My workshop is also included in the programme.  This exhibition is supported by the London Doctoral Design Centre (LDoC), Kingston School of Art, the Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston Museum. museum_collections_and_exhibitions

      2019  I Scared My Computer, an exhibition during Know Your Home, a cross campus programme of exhibitions and events at RCA.  Water Drawing,a dispersed visual recording of an upwards view from inside a water-filled container, played on a loop during this exhibition using two retro-style monitors.

      2017  Intentions:  Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge? at RCA.  This exhibition developed through conversations generating ideas and created an opportunity for testing practice-based research. In this exhibition my site exploration vaultwas represented by two videos from the vaultseries.  This exhibition also included my zine what is public space? acting as an interactive artwork, and a collaborative sound installation Script (explained more fully below in conjunction with collaborative artwork Shelter).  Catalogue ISBN 978-1-910642-30-6.  

      My paper In relation to this exhibition Daydreaming Space and the Digital Monumentis included in Estudos em Design https:/ published in 2019.

      2017   31ºCASC Gallery, London, August 2017.  Shelter, consisting of a structure and a video, was developed in collaboration with Vicky Kim, a fellow researcher at RCA.  This collaboration went on to develop Exchange Project, which usesan exchange of text and images in response to a prompt.  From this exchange, Script by KMBosy and Vicky Kim, in the form of a divided conversation, formed the basis of a sound installation during the Intentions exhibition held later in 2017 at RCA, at the White City campus (explained more fully above).

      2016   are we recording now?  The Design Museum, London.  This intervention into the relationality of the space of the museum used layers of donated phrases recorded and re-recorded on site.  This was presented as a sound intervention during the Design Museum’s opening weekend.  Located in an alcove overlooking the museum’s shop, this sound piece could be heard in the shop and in this way was placed amongst the museum’s objects, albeit ones for sale.

      2015  Of Improvisation, a pop-up exhibition at Apiary Studios, London, launched Inside here by kmbosy (Android and iOS) my native smartphone app and linked online artwork.  Re-imagining site as intimate and relational,Inside here questions the place-centricity of locative technology.   Information and links to Inside here (updated 2019) can be found at:  Related online artwork at:


      2016  - present  PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, London, England.

      1986 – 1988     Higher Diploma, Printmaking and Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, University of               London, England.

      1983 – 1984     Graduate studies, Painting, OCA Studio, Florence, Italy.

      1979 – 1983     AOCA Diploma, Ontario College of Art, Fine Art, Painting, Toronto, Canada.

      Past Exhibitions

      2004 to 2009  The Curwen Gallery, New Academy Gallery, Jaggedart, Highgate Fine Art and Highgate Gallery, are examples of galleries where my work has been included in group shows during this time.  This work exploring cartography and the sublime and pragmatic in politics, alludes in part to the fables by Georges Borges

      2003  Wing Ling, The Eagle Gallery atArt FrankfurtBook Fair, Frankfurt, Germany.

      2003  New Work,The Eagle Gallery, London. The work included in this exhibition, an iconographic exploration of the political interplay between the everyday and the mythic was also included in Art FrankfurtBook Fair(above).  

      2002  Flowers East (Small is Beautiful), London.

      2005  Solo exhibition,  Leda’s Eggat Oasis TV Studios in London’s Soho district.

      1998 to 2002  Flowers East (Small is Beautiful) and St. Raphael Gallery, 2001, Institute of Child Health (1999), Woodlands Art Gallery (1998) in London, The Image Factory (1998) in Belize City and KUMF Gallery, Toronto, are examples of galleries where my work has been included in group shows during this time.  These works, multiple originals using etching and lithography, explore intimacy and question communication. 

      1997  The Eagle Gallery, London.  This shared exhibition included my monotypes exploring communication andthe relationship between gestureand culture using the printmaking techniques of etching and lithography. 

      1995 to 1998  My work was held at Mercury Gallery on Cork Street in London, and included in this gallery’s exhibitions that were curated to include printmaking according with this gallery’s interest in 20th century British artist printmakers.

      1995  National Open Rothenstein Cup Exhibition, Whitely’s, London.  Due to my role on The Printmakers Council management committee I was involved in organizing this exhibition, particularly the support through donated prizes for selected artists.  I served for many years on this management committee.  

      1994  Art 94The London Contemporary Art Fairwith The Gallery at John Jones, London.

      1994  Salon des Graphiques, Curwen Gallery, London.  This juried group exhibition included my mixed media works on paper exploring the relationship between gesture and communication particularly in mass media photography.

      1993  The Eagle Gallery, London. Collographs and Monoprintswas a group exhibition and included my mixed media works on paper.

      1993  Contemporary Paintings and Printsat Curve Gallery, Barbican, London. I was invited to organize and co-curated with Franki Rossi, an open call exhibition. 

      1992 at The Royal National Theatre, London and in 1990 at the Royal Festival Hall, London group exhibitions See the Printsand The Art of the Printmaker.  Participating in these group exhibitions within brutalist buildings developed into curating the 1993 exhibition in the Barbican’s Curve Gallery.

      1991 to 1992  Contributed to City Arts Trust, John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford and a touring PMC exhibition, Lviv Gallery, Ukraine; also touring Kiev, Riga, Moscow.

      1990  Angela Flower’s Small is Beautiful part 8 – The Figure, Flowers East, London.  

      1988 to 1990  Gallery artist at Creaser Gallery, Portobello Road, London.  Gallerist Judith Grove included my works on paper, explorations of gesture and communication, in exhibitions for example, Christmas Print Show,My Mona Lisa, A Foot in Every Direction and art fairs,Bath International Festival, and Art 89, The London Contemporary Art Fair.

      1990  Artist in Residence, and teaching assistant at the Essendine Institute, London.  Works on paper included in the Artists in Residence Exhibition, Essendine Institute, London.

      1990  Ormonde Road Printmakers, The Square Gallery, Highgate, London. Subsequently I joined the Ormonde Road workshops management committee.

      1990  Solo exhibition in the Small Hall at the Ethical Society’s venue, Conway Hall. Studio space was also supplied. 

      1989  Solo exhibition at the Blue Nose Gallery, London supported by a Visual Arts Ontario, exhibition travel grant.

      1988-1989  Open to Print Exhibition, juried exhibition, Backhouse Gallery, Sunderland, England and touring.

      1988-1989  My work was work held by The Art Company Agency (Porl Porl Gallery), Leeds and included in all relevant exhibitions held at this gallery.

      1989  The Slade Print, a touring exhibition, by invitation, held at VM Art Gallery & Gallery, Chowkandi, Karachi, Pakistan & touring: Islamabad, Lahore, Peshwar, Quatta. 

      1988  Shin Jahk Jeon Exhibition, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea, group show by invitation.

      1987  Mixed media work etching, lithography and guoache selected from a country wide call to exhibit in the South Bank Picture Show, Royal Festival Hall, London.

      1986  2nd International Miniature Art Exhibition, a juried exhibition at the well known Del Bello Gallery in Toronto.

      1986  Participated in this juried group exhibition of Slade School colleaguesat The Cornerhouse in Manchester, England.  

      1985 and previous.  I held a position as a printmaker for artists Saul Field and Jean Townsend. I also organised and taught a series of drawing workshops in a gallery space for adults and children, and exhibited in Up The Wall Gallery in Toronto as well as participating in fairs, e.g. Toronto Art Fair (1979),  and my work was included in various venues in and around Toronto.


      2015  “Exciting Projects from Our Members.” Axisweb. projects/.

      2015  Inside here, interview, KMBosy and Claire, Artspan’s Blog, May 8, 2015

      2015  Testing for Mozilla, through creating word images in the new Webmaker app. Examples can be found here: word image generator  word space image

      2014  RCA Secret, RCA, London, by invitation.  RCA Secret, contributor 2014 to present.


      British Museum, PriceWaterhouseCooper, The Strang Collection, University College London and others.