Approved: 16.08.2006

K M Bosy

Artist, Editor, Film-maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

Images, loosened from authorial control, wandering, loitering, daydreaming, beckon us into their vacated centres. Placed within the politics of the reproduction and with the photographer disappearing, images become anticipatory spaces, expendable, revealing something about the reader. My practice plays with the postcard and our desire to capture the lost past, lost desire. 

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      Artist Statement

      Images, loosened from authorial control, wandering, loitering, daydreaming, beckon us into their vacated centres. Placed within the politics of the reproduction and with the photographer disappearing, images become anticipatory spaces, expendable, revealing something about the reader. My practice plays with the postcard and our desire to capture the lost past, lost desire. 

      Images present us with a quality we seek amid the complexity of our world. With the photographic object there is a time lapse despite the indexicality of the process; it seems the past resists our reach. We project our own intentions and desires through the images we collect. My images and installations as registers of attention and inattention, become documents of sites anticipating deconstruction.

      The videos, photographs and installations in my practice are primarily documenting the landscape to suggest encounters with the real and material in the world. I draw on diaristic practice and my main field of reference, experimental (structural) film. In working with the scatterings, inadequacies, and inversions within critical-documentarist art practice, these become productive strategies.

      CV & Education


      James Lingwood explains: ‘we learn to interpret the conversations associated with photography, cinema, painting, street signs and so on,’ and our knowledge of these systems ’lead us to believe that the world is a fixed and orderly place’ (cited in Kester, 1995). Lingwood’s comment corresponds to an early impression of my new home when my family moved from Toronto, a city in the middle of a continent, to a rural island in the Caribbean Sea. Mixed in with my astonishment at the clichéd truth of the velvety heat of the scented tropical air, was my awareness of the unfamiliar design of street lighting. Although I was young, this move away from a place I understood as my world brought into view for me the constructedness of my reality. My understanding of television also changed and what had been for me a form of entertainment became a tool for communication within the community. My mother’s informational puppet show, she was in public health then, was broadcast daily. The puppets could be found in the opening time slot on the sole TV channel of this island, which broadcast during after school hours. Later my school selected me and other girls to play the pirates for a television commercial promoting Birds Eye ready-made food for children, which was also broadcast in the UK. This experience highlighted for me the role of the landscape within the potential of moving image.

      Subsequently back in Toronto, I studied painting at OCA(D) and in then Florence, Italy. Later, I moved to London and studied printmaking and painting at The Slade School of Fine Art. Currently I move between London and Toronto; my work is held at the Eagle Gallery. As a PhD candidate at RCA, I am considering the unfixed nature of site and conversations associated with media in the context of dispersal and critical-documentartist art practice and using video and other media within my practice-based research. My papers on the subjects of the monument in art practice and daydreaming, and the blog as a frame can be found in Links to my published writing can also be found on my blog: Currently I am a founding editor on a team developing an academic research journal supporting artistic and design research. This online experimental platform itinerant space was launched in 2021 and is supported by the School of Communication at the Royal Collage of Art.

      Current roles

      PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, London, England.

      Founding Editor on a new online academic research journal developed by the School of Communication at RCA. is an experimental platform launched in 2021 supporting research practice. The Pilot Issue (Issue One) carries research contributions from the School of Communication at RCA. An RCA-wide call for submissions for publication in Issue Two is being developed for December 2022.

      Peer Review member on the team for Estudos em Design, academic research journal published in Brazil.

      Peer Review role for EVA London Conference, 2020 ongoing.


      PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, London, part-time.

      HDip Painting and printmaking, Slade School of Fine Art, London, 1988.

      Graduate studies, Painting, OCA Studio, Florence, Italy, 1984.    

      AOCA Diploma, Ontario College of Art, Fine Art, Painting, Toronto, 1983.     

      Selected Exhibitions

      itinernant space screens my vault series video and carries my research exploration Scanning the aerial view: legitimate and illegitimate information online, 2021. The pilot issue of this online platform was launched in 2021 and carries submissions from the PGR students within RCA’s, School of Communication. As a founding editor I worked within a team to develop this experimental platform in support of research practice. An RCA-wide call for submissions for publication in Issue Two is being developed for December 2022.

      Another Land, included my installation, projected line. This was an exhibition and events programme aiming to generate discussion and compare methods, knowledge and communication in the visualisation of place.  This exhibition was supported by the London Doctoral Design Centre (LDoC), and held at Kingston School of Art, the Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston Museum, London in 2019.  

       I Scared My Computer, exhibited water drawing in the form of a video installation on retro-style monitors, during Know Your Home, a cross campus programme of exhibitions and events at RCA, London, 2019.

      Intentions:  Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, screened videos from vault series and a collaborative sound installation Script, while also including my zine what is public space? This exhibition developed through conversations generating ideas and created an opportunity for testing practice-based research, London. 2017. Catalogue ISBN 978-1-910642-30-6.  

      31ºCASC Gallery, exhibited Shelter, a video installation consisting of a structure and a video, was developed in collaboration with artist Vicky Kim.  This collaboration developed Exchange Project, and Script exhibited in Intentions (above), 2017.   

      Thinking Through Sound included are we recording now? an intervention into the relationality of the space of the museum using sound. This was included in the Design Museum’s opening weekend.  Located in an alcove overlooking the shop, this sound piece was placed amongst the museum’s objects, albeit ones for sale, London, 2016.  

      Of Improvisation, a pop-up exhibition at Apiary Studios, London, 2015, launched Inside here by kmbosy (Android and iOS).  This artwork using a native smartphone app and linked online artwork questions understandings of site and place-centricity using GPS and smartphone technology.  This artwork’s app is updated regularly.  Information and links to Inside here can be found at:  Related online artwork at:, virtual space, ongoing.

      Selected Conference Presentations / Papers  

      2020  vault, text, medium format photograph, PROVA, Journal 5, Correspondence research group, School of Arts and Humanities, RCA, London.

      2020  Media languages: video practices, shared paper published in EVA London 2020 conference proceedings.

      2019  Daydreaming space and the digital monument, paper published by Estudos em Design https:/

      2019  Signs of expression, shared paper presented at CIDI, Information Design International Conference in Brazil, published by InfoDesign Journal.

      2019  Conference Chair, CONGIC (Student National Conference of Information Design), Brazil.

      2019  Multiple means of expression made available by digital media, shared paper published in EVA London 2019 conference proceedings.  ISBN 978-1-78017-522-5.

      2017  Film 7we all look at the same sky,Intentions: Conversations, Experiences and Knowledge, RCA, catalogue cover Image and research abstract.  ISBN 978-1-910642-30-6.  

      Webinars and Workshops

      2020  webinar, Media languages: video practices, Encontro em Design Contemporaneo, LabDesign Contemporaneo, Brazil.

      2020  Cybernetics and overtrust in the robotic age, webinar and panel discussion, Research students pre-sessional talks (RSST), Week 6, English for Academic Purposes, RCA, London.

      2019  The ad hoc and the organized in public space, The Commemorative Document and the Image Bankand Participation_Negotiation_Persuasion,on themes of Curatorial,Inspirations and Influences, and Movements and Trends during Research Student Pre-Sessional talks, a series of presentations & workshops, organized by English for Academic Purposes, Royal College of Art.

      2019   What is Public Space? at Trajectories II an exhibition and events programme at Waterman’s Art Centre, London.  

      2018   What is Public Space?, Public Space & Exchange and Public Space & The Manifesto, on themes of Curatorial, Inspirations and Influences, and Movements and Trends for RSST research student presentations and workshops, organized by English for Academic Purposes, Royal College of Art.

      2017   Research summer school workshop event, using my zine What is public space?  to explore relationality of space and place, and the space of the monument.  Research Summer School, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London.  Images can be found in ‘news’ at:

      Selected Past Exhibitions 

      Leda’s Egg, Oasis TV Studios exhibited a series of prints in a solo exhibition, London 2005.

      Wing LingThe Eagle Gallery at Art Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany, 2003 

      New Work, The Eagle Gallery, London. My digital prints Wing Ling exhibited in this exhibition, were also included in Art Frankfurt Book Fair, 2003.  

      Small is BeautifulFlowers Gallery, London, 2002.

      Prints and Monotypes, The Eagle Gallery, included my monotypes in this shared exhibition, London, 1997 

      My work was held at Mercury Gallery and included in exhibitions curated in accord with this gallery’s interest in 20th century British artist printmakers, Cork Street, London, 1995 to 1998.  

      National Open Rothenstein Cup Exhibition exhibited my monotype, boy standing and I was involved in organizing this exhibition, specifically the support through donated prizes for selected artists in my role as a management committee member for The Printmakers Council, Whitely’s, London, 1995.  

      Salon des Graphiques, juried group exhibition included my mixed media works on paper, Curwen Gallery, London, 1994.  

      Art 94The London Contemporary Art Fair, my work was exhibited by The Gallery at John Jones, London, 1994.

      Collographs and Monoprints group exhibition, included my mixed media works on paper, The Eagle Gallery, London, 1993.

      Contemporary Paintings and Prints I organized this open call exhibition, co-curating with Franki Rossi, at Curve Gallery, Barbican, London, 1993. 

      See the Prints at The Royal National Theatre, London, 1992 and The Art of the Printmaker at The Royal Festival Hall, London, 1990, group exhibitions exhibited my monotypes and participating in exhibitions within brutalist buildings developed into curating the 1993 exhibition in the Barbican’s Curve Gallery.

      Angela Flower’s Small is Beautiful part 8 – The Figure, Flowers East, London, 1990.

      My works on paper were exhibited at Creaser Gallery. As a gallery artist my work was included in exhibitions exemplified by, My Mona Lisa, A Foot in Every Direction, Christmas Print Shows and the art fairs, Bath International Festival, and Art 89, The London Contemporary Art Fair, Portobello Road, London, 1988 to 1990.  

      Artist in Residence, and teaching assistant at the Essendine Institute and my works on paper were included in the Artists in Residence Exhibition, London. 1990  

      Ormonde Road Printmakers group show at The Square Gallery, in Highgate. Subsequently I joined the Ormonde Road Workshops management committee, London, 1990  

      Solo exhibition at the Ethical Society’s venue, Conway Hall. Studio space was also supplied, London, 1990  

      Solo exhibition at the Blue Nose Gallery, supported by a Visual Arts Ontario, exhibition travel grant, London, 1989.  

      Open to Print Exhibition, juried exhibition, Backhouse Gallery, Sunderland, England and touring, 1988-1989.  

      My work was work held by The Art Company Agency (Porl Porl Gallery), Leeds and included in all relevant exhibitions held at this gallery, 1988-1989.  

      The Slade Print, a touring exhibition, by invitation, held at VM Art Gallery & Gallery, Chowkandi, Karachi, Pakistan & touring: Islamabad, Lahore, Peshwar, Quatta. 1989  

      Shin Jahk Jeon ExhibitionLotte Gallery, group show by invitation, Seoul, Korea, 1988