A4 paper is exactly 297mm x 210mm, this is no random measurement plucked out thin air. It is deliberate. It is based on the German DIN 476 standard for paper sizes. ISO paper sizes are all based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of 2, or approximately 1:1.4142. If you put 2 A4 sheets together side by side you get A3 size, put 2 A3 sheets you get A2 size, 2 A2 sheets form A1 and finally 2 A1 sheets you get A0. This is where it begins. A0 is 1 meter squared in area with dimensions 1189mm x 841mm. The system and the measurements of A0 allows scaling without compromising the aspect ratio from one size to another. Here is a collection of A4 paper into 16 sections. Each section contains 10 reams 5000 sheets. The 16 sections equate to the size of A0. The user can use A4 paper within the confinements to build, draw, write or participate in some way to this system to highlight papers endless potential, this space dominated with paper creates a blank canvas to not only questioned the paper’s use but how to maximise a space for activity.