Approved: 16.04.2016

Keron Beattie

Artist, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.04.2016


My practice is predominantly concerned with materiality and process and the forms which can emerge from the conjunction of materials and processes.  Making by hand in a reflective dialogue with the materials is a key aspect of my practice and this open and informal approach is key to me understanding and pushing the potential of both materials and process.

My practice is almost always small scale, abstract and a response to either the material or the location is which it is to be placed

My work draws on my reaction against digital means of production, over consumption and over complexity.  Found or recycled objects or non traditional art materials are often my starting point.  I then work towards simplifying to a bare minimum.

Currerntly, I am researching breakdown in structures or structure. When breakdown occurs, points of intersection and connection are interrupted or lost but this creates space for new relationships and narratives, and the oportunity for regeneration.

For me the breakdown is important, but only as a precursor to a remaking or emergence of something new rather than a dissolving into nothingness.

I am also researching what is known as autonomous stained glass i.e. that which exists as an art work not a window.  The idea of lead and glass working together and giving each other structure and form (or not) intrigues me.  I am endeavouring to use these materials in new ways and understand what possibilities exist for pushing both technique and media. 




CV & Education

Art education

2013 to 2016 - First Class BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art and Design

2016  to 2018 Studying for an MA Fine Art at the Norwich University of the Arts (NUA)


Sculpture Trail -  Hylands Park (Chelmsford) - September 2011

Always Room Exhibition - Garden House Gallery, Cromer - August 2014

Summer Show - Anteros Gallery and Arts Trust, Norwich - August 2014

Coast Festival Short Film Competition – September 2014 - First prize

Cley 15 - July 2015

Lost Horizons - Solo Show - The Belfry Arts Centre– September 2015

A Letter in Mind - Oxo Tower London - October 2015

ON PHOTOcopy /Displacement - 44AD Art Space, Bath - October 2015

The Cranbrook Video Festival - February 2016

Cley 16 - July 2016

A Room With Your Views - Short film included in Gillian Wearing project at the University of Brighton Gallery- 2016,

A Letter in Mind - Oxo Tower London -October 2016

Blip Blip Blip - Inventory of Behaviours - February 2017

Boats and Bits - Garden House Gallery, Cromer. April 2017

Cley 17 -July 2017

Ballot - NUA with Cork Printmakers :-

Festival Survival, Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy September 2017

Nunn Yards Norwich October 2017

Belltable Arts Hub, Limerick 23rd May – 4th June 2018

Encuentro – IMPACT10 International Printmaking Conference  Santander, Spain, 1st – 9th September 2018

MA and Post Graduate Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018 - Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, Somerset

Wells Maltings Trust Connection : Open 2018 - June to September 2018

Cley 18 - July 2018


Current roles


Self employed artist