8372 cards memorial is a participatory art project created to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica, during the war in Bosnia.

Between 1991 and 1999 war broke out across the former Yugoslavia. Thousands of people were killed and many more were internally displaced or forcibly expelled from their countries. During 1995 in Srebrenica 8,372 mostly men and boys were systematically murdered and buried in mass graves. The victims, predominantly Muslim, were selected for death on the basis of their identity. This was the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War.
For this project 8372 business cards were printed, each one representing each of the men and boys killed during the srebrenica genocide. Business cards represent identity, status and the ability to make contact, many of those who died still remain missing.

Individually numbered with an automatic stamp each card retains an identity without being named. Volunteers were asked to participate in this process. Numbering was an important part of the piece of work. It conceptually represents the condemnation of each of the individual victims and the process engaged each volunteer to directly consider more deeply the events and actions of 23 years ago.

“I had a sense of the gravity of what happened 23 years ago whilst numbering the cards. Having numbered 200 cards, the enormity of 8372 truly hit me.”

All of the cards will be exhibited in Oxford Town Hall from 8th to 15th July 2018. Then from the 11th July the cards will be uncovered and handed out within public spaces metaphorically exhuming each of the individuals and acknowledging their existence.

This will be an act of remembrance that will help to raise awareness and remind us all of the consequences of hate.

“I realized that the sound of numbering was very reminiscent of gun fire”