Location: Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford

For this project ‘8372 cards memorial’, business cards remind us of each of those people killed without actually naming them. Business cards represent identity, status and the ability to make contact, many of those who died still remain missing.

Each is individually numbered/editioned 1/8372, 2/8372… on one side. The process of numbering is an important act for the piece of work, and conceptually represents the condemnation of each of the individual victims. This process engaged each volunteer to consider more deeply the events and actions of 23 years ago.

Srebrenica Memorial week runs from the 8th to the 15th July.

All 8372 cards will be exhibited within Oxford Town Hall from 8th to 11th July 2018. Then from the 11th July the cards will be uncovered and handed out within public spaces metaphorically exhuming each of the individuals and acknowledging their existence. This will be an act of remembrance that will help to raise awareness and remind us all of the consequences of hate.

Volunteers are invited to help individually number these cards.