Just the Place was a group exhibition where Kathy Williams was invited to install paint interventions and new work. She considered the time, place, space and audience.
Kathys work was completely site specific, conceived and made on site in the main gallery space of Quay Arts, Newport. She created her first free standing complete 3d paint-ing and installed painted marks into the 3 dimensionality of the gallery, paying careful consideration to the work of others in the show and of the space, place itself.
The work is now seen as a perfomance piece from teh first day of instal to the final day of take-down as it hlds within it how we present at different imes in different places, with different people. It is full of vulnerability as the artist wrestled to conclude work that came from ideas and had to travel to a satisfying conclusion once painted and errected in the space itself. A very public showing of process, possibilities of getting it all wrong, and of reaching visual logical conclusions that could have only occured at that time and in that context.
Audiences interacted with the pices, all temporary as they could see though the works onto the work of others, could move around to create their own preferred viewpoints and see changes made by the artist along the duration of the xhibition itself.
A central theme of inquiry for the artist is to visually communicate withmembers of the public and it was of great interest to her to experiene how the audience of the gallery would respind after such an outrage of response when elemsnts were previously installed in Sandown High Street.
Concerned with pushng the boundries of what paint can do, work existed in the physial spaes of the gallery, hung from rafters and bind itself to essential shadows that caressed the curves of walls.