Pieces constructed, painted and installed at Quay Arts have been rePlaced in the window at Boojum&Snark, Sandown High Street. Further investigating ideas of permanence, context, relationships and what happens after major events as well as how we re-group ourselves, our identities when we are re-faced with choices...possibly when we arent sure of what decision to make next.
Window installs are fascinating as on transparent materials, and we see the painted marks ony, the paint-ing becomes very much embedded into the moving live environment. Abstract marks become part of the street, the inside seen through the lens of paint from the out, the outside seen via vibrant colours and marks to the out.
Part of on-going research into fluid visual communication with the public and including the public to engage with paint, with sculpture, with Art. Part of on-going research exploring boundries and expectations of paint as a three dimensional expression and inclusion.