Approved: 09.01.2013

Karin Janssen


Approved: 09.01.2013

Karin Janssen’s paintings and drawings, interwoven with paper cuts and collages, draw on personal memories, cultural myths and ideologies to investigate our subjective and collective experience of the world.

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Artist Statement

Karin Janssen’s paintings and drawings, interwoven with paper cuts and collages, draw on personal memories, cultural myths and ideologies to investigate our subjective and collective experience of the world.

Her bold and vibrant works interrogate our animalistic nature and explore the body as a site for narrative. Recurring motifs of the roaring mouth, creeping plant forms and dynamic birds and animals represent change and transformation, inviting us to reassess our relationship to our internal and external worlds.

Disembodied mouths become portals, gateways to another dimension, where fizzing and foaming bubbles, grasping tendrils, sprouting growths, roaring tigers and hovering lemons embody a tumultuous emotional landscape, all charged with a dark and playful wit. Janssen’s idiosyncratic universe reveals the absurdity of our attempts to occupy or project an idealised image onto ourselves or others.

In Extraordinary Machine a purple haired woman rides a wild colourful menagerie of creatures, whilst holding aloft a pale pencil cityscape in one hand and an oversized orb of human cells in the other. Strength and power are simultaneously performed and undermined in Janssen’s world, with nature, inevitably, always one step ahead.

Seductively embracing the grotesque, the overlooked, the unknown and unfathomable, Janssen’s luscious watercolours and gouaches convey the complications of the human story.

CV & Education


2006 - 2007 Casa das Caldeiras in São Paulo (BR)
1999 - 2004 AKV | St Joost | Academy for Art and Design Den Bosch (NL)


2014 TROPISM Occupy my Time Gallery, London (UK)
         (duo show with Lorraine Robbins)
2012 I'm good at being uncomfortable, Braziliality Gallery, London (UK)
2010 Artist Available, Artists with Attitude, Amsterdam (NL)
2007 60m² of Drawing Myself, Casa das Caldeiras, São Paulo (BR)
2005 Karin Janssen, Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)


2016 Tekenkabinet, This Art Fair, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 Out to Sea, Aurora Museum, Shanghai (China)
2015 Tekenkabinet, Kunstenhuis, Amsterdam (NL)
2015 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
2015 Young & Beautiful, Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoven (NL)
2015 365 Drawings, La Galerie d’Anières (Switzerland)
2015 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
2015 365 Drawings, La Galerie d’Anières, Switzerland (CH)
2014 Chinese Whispers, Karin Janssen Project Space, London (UK)
2014 Chinese Whispers, Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven (NL)
2014 Tekenkabinet 2.0 & The Big Draw Amsterdam (NL)
2014 365 Drawings The Keep, Reading, Berkshire, exhibition and talk (UK)
2014 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
2014 VANITAS, Karin Janssen Project Space, London (UK)
2014 SEX, Gallery Nasty Alice in Eindhoven (NL)
2014 A5, Platform Projects, by Lubomirov - Easton (London) 
          @ Art Athina (GR)
2014 Summer Exhibition, NSH Arts, London (UK)
2014 RAW Art Fair Rotterdam with Gallery Nasty Alice (NL)
2013 Tekenkabinet, Kunstsalon Assen (NL)
2013 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam Westpoort (NL)
2013 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
2013 GROWTH in Karin Janssen Project Space, London (UK)
2013 THOTS and... by Neil Ferguson, at Mile End Art Pavilion, London (UK)
2013 Raw Skin, Karin Janssen Project Space in London (UK)
2013 Cold Climate, Occupy my Time Gallery in London (UK)
2013 Defcon Salon, Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh (UK)
2012 Women's Art?, Studio 180, exhibition and talk, in London (UK)
2012 70 Artists 7 Days, Braziliality, as part of the Regents Canal Festival
          @ Mile End Art Pavilion in London (UK)
2011 I am Braziliality, Forman's Smokehouse Gallery in London (UK)
2011 Bad Girls, C&H Art Space in Amsterdam (NL)
2011 Local, Karin Janssen Project Space in London (UK)
2010 Salon, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam (NL)
2009 Nieuwe leden, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam (NL)
2008 Aanwinst, BBK, Loods 6 in Amsterdam (NL)
2008 Tekenen 8, Quartair in The Hague(NL)
2008 Sugarfactory in Amsterdam (NL)
2008 Salon, Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam (NL)
2007 15 Minutes of Fame, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (NL)
2007 Nutopia, Chiellerie in Amsterdam (NL)
2007 Art Aware, Project Aware, in Amsterdam (NL)
2006 Tododomingo, Casa das Caldeiras in São Paulo (BR)
2006 Open Studio, Casa do Eletricista in São Paulo (BR)
2006 Self Portrait, Grafisch Atelier in ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
2005 Quantum Vis, Gallery RC de Ruimte in IJmuiden (NL)
2005 Jong Talent II, Grafisch Atelier in ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
2004 Vanuit de vrouw, Gallery RC de Ruimte in IJmuiden (NL)
2004 Media Partners in Amstelveen (NL)
2004 AKV | St Joost Academy for Art and Design Den Bosch (NL)
2002 Nova Zembla in Den Bosch (NL)


2010 Short-listed for stage 2 of John Moores Painting Prize (UK)
2006 Production fund FBKVB/Mondriaan Foundation (NL)
2003 Sandberg Institute, The One Minutes Foundation (NL)


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On AT5 television, initiative from Sandberg Institute


2011 - 2015 Karin Janssen Project Space, London, founder and curator (UK)
2007 - 2011 NIKA Art Projects, Amsterdam, founder and director (NL)
2007 - 2010 The Enchanted Loft shown in Almere, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Nieuw Beijerland and Sheffield  (NL/UK)
2006 - 2007 Women and Children First, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay (SOUTH AMERICA)