Lightness of Being
A translucent arching sculpture composed of a honeycomb of cells. Changing exterior light conditions transform the sculpture with reflection and shadow. It can be viewed from both sides, on one side the shapes tessellate and on the other, they don't. This enables the curving form. This was originally conceived as a sculptural space, however ill health prevented this, so this form was developed from that idea. The inspiration for the cell form and the process were bees/'wasps’ nests and honeycombs. These insects work co-operatively and are prepared to die for their colonies. The location on the Bergh Apton sculpture trail was the Manor House with 18th century bee bowls in the wall. The making process echoes the social co-operation of these insects in building nests. I organised "social making" sessions which are documented in a film. This is a celebration of the troubled honeybees.