Wire words from the Nest of Hope have been copied onto paper to compose this message. Words/phrases made from discarded power and communication cables were made by participants after they took part in an exercise called, "What is Climate Justice?". Following this exercise they engaged in free writing to find their words/phrases. These have come together to form the Nest of Hope and World Eggs sculpture - www.axisweb.org/p/karenwhiterod/workset/230793-nest-of-hope/ - in the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail. I intend to post these messages for the duration of the sculpture trail, only a few more days to go as it ends on 17th September.
I have compulsively followed the news about Hurricane Irma as in all the talks, films, articles, books about climate change this extreme weather has been described, so many of these are now events happening. Although the words/phrases were provided in July by participants of the workshops, I think my current preoccupation comes through in this composition.