Approved: 30.03.2009

Bunty Neill

Artist, Arts development worker, Maker, Teacher

Approved: 30.03.2009

I work ethically and seasonally with what I forage from fields, woodland, rivers, lakes, seashores, mountains and jungle. Searching forensically for objects from nature, once alive and now dead. 

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  • Location: Harpenden, East
  • Artforms: Photography, Sculpture
  • Tags: digital photography, taxidermy, sculpture, bird skulls, birds eggs, ethical, feathers, wood, semi precious stones, gold leaf



    Artist Statement

    I work ethically and seasonally with what I forage from fields, woodland, rivers, lakes, seashores, mountains and jungle. Searching forensically for objects from nature, once alive and now dead. 

    Collecting herons feathers early in the morning from roosts, gathering spent birds eggs, insects, bees, hornets, wasps, dragonflies, beetles, acorn cups, tree roots, small animal bones, rooks and crows. Reclaiming and ending in the sculptural works. 

    There are many processes attached to the works. Once foraged, I will apply relevant preserving processes, burying to decompose, cleaning, or drying, rubbing down, joining bones and setting. Then I am ready to paint ! or layer with gold leaf, make and assemble these reclaimed relics to form the sculptures. 

    The works are dependent on seasons in nature, each season bringing its produce to the table. Although I use ethically sourced lapis lazuli, turquoise, jade, rhinestones. I trace and exaggerate most intricately the natural design elements of the flora and fauna and bones with the semi precious stones.

    My inquisitiveness for taxidermy, preservation and foraging are cohesive. The depleting supply of available reclaimed specimens as my medium, informing and inspiring the works, could have a short life line.

    I invite the viewer to speculate and dream, to consider the preciousness and the reasons for our disappearing natural world. Renaissance.

    My work deals with the crossing over of art and science, I am most interested in the behavioural characteristics of the movement of fluid and in particular liquid crystal. I capture the full colour spectrum and the intrinsic qualities of its molecular structure, through film and microphotography using polarised light to reveal the molecular orientation. Liquid crystal is believed to derive from cholesterol and DNA. These intimate micrographs and moving 'paintings' gaze into a phenomenon, inviting the viewer to submerge within the realms of ethereal depths. As the liquid warms and cools the textures and spectrum writhe and flow enticing a sensory perception as a time travelling tool; it takes us to another world, it tests our senses and questions our perception of the hidden depths and currents of the movement of matter. I am on the Lonsas website and work in schools. A Fellow of The Digswell Arts Trust and work from my studio at the The Forge Digswell Herts. Visits by appointment only. *** I have just uploaded a link to my video on Vimeo 38930778 This is a 6minute video of moving liquid crystal - the material found in just about every screen on the planet, which is an organic substance and is allegedly a derivative of DNA and cell membranes. I have filmed the liquid crystal through the microscope using polarizing lenses, hence the full colour spectrum. I would like to use it to aid patient recovery, to help calm and distract.If a screen or screens were placed on the ceiling of the treatment room, without hindering the patient, nursing staff and equipment and in full view for the patient to watch and relax and be distracted from invasive, uncomfortable treatment. Special thanks to the LCI. Ohio.USA.

    CV & Education

    Qualifications and training 2004 - BA (Hons) Fine Art, Byam Shaw School of Art at Central St Martins London, London Solo exhibitions 2009 - Liquid Crystal, Elixir Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital London 2008 - Liquid, Colchester Hospital Art Gallery, Colchester Corporate commissions 2005 - Liquid Crystal, Roche, WGC Competitions, prizes and awards 2008 - Wellcome Trust Image Awards, Wellcome trust, Euston Road London 2005 - Daily Telegraph Novartis 2005 photographic award, Royal Society, London Educational experience - early years 2008 - CFL Course Artists in Education, University of Hertfordshire, Artist Residency LCI Ohio USA.