'Artist Explorer' Karen Howse takes inspiration from Dunsland as she becomes its recurring Artist in Residence throughout 2019.

What is your artistic inspiration?

In a nutshell, my art practice is about walking and drawing, and making prints that distill this process. I use drawing as a tool for discovery, and exploration; walking the same routes, paths become embedded in memory and I find myself becoming acutely aware of change and difference. For example spotting the exact day the new spring leaves unfurl on a particular oak tree. The rhythm of the walking and the cumulative flow of the drawn marks on paper seem to have a correlation for me, tracing inner and outer geographies, being with ‘what is’. So I draw what I notice and I notice what I draw.

What will you do during your residency at Dunsland?

Art Research Project; Walking, drawing, creating dialogue with place and people throughout one year. I plan to visit Dunsland regularly, taking my sketchbook for a walk.

I am a curious artist! I am excited about what I will discover from spending time in the Park, exploring the place and becoming more at home there. Recently, I have been drawing the 700-year-old Sweet Chestnut trees with charcoal, experimenting with drawing the relationship between the 3 ancient trees and seeing the wonderful twisted shapes their branches make against the cold Winter sky.

Back in my Studio I will be making mono prints and dry point etchings from memory or drawing found objects from Dunsland. These prints are a way of reflecting on the atmosphere of the drawings and juxtaposing imagery, finding new connections.
It is just the start of my year long residency and my research will continue to change and evolve.