Published 24 September 2019 in paperback, this is an account of Julie Umerle's journey as an artist between the years 1978 - 2010, recounting her personal history during a time of extraordinary change in both the art world and the world at large.

The book is independently published, edited by Anna McNay, with a foreword by Colin Thubron CBE. It consists of 186 pages, and contains 40 illustrations, 38 in colour. Available through Amazon as well as a number of bookshops. Dimensions: 210 x 138 mm. ISBN 978-1527242166. Limited edition.

Robin Klassnik, founder and director of Matt's Gallery describes the book as:

"A thoroughly enjoyable read. Art, Life and Everything shows the importance and joy of painting and making art. It provides insight into how an artist functions in their studio and in the outside world. Julie presents an investigative and relevant example of how an artist has to struggle and continue to work on a professional level, for that is what they do throughout their careers".