Approved: 25.11.2013

Julie Moss


Approved: 25.11.2013



    Artist Statement



    “If a certain childhood experience asserts itself in the memory, this is not because it is golden but because it has lain beside gold”

    (Freud; The Uncanny)


    Curiosity is a basic human impulse; the urge to reveal or discover, to test and exceed present limits of knowledge or experience. It is essential for enquiry, travel and exploration, and also for artistic work. But curiosity can have a dark side; a desire to uncover secrets and to pry into matters that may not concern us.

    If I turn my world upside down what will happen to my equilibrium? What insights will I find? Is it a world of seduction, joy and colour; or darkness, disorientation and shadows?

    Using the importance of an experience in the landscape as a motive and also my subject matter, I am attempting to grasp a line of enquiry into the notion of “Screen Memory” a term used by Sigmund Freud to describe a process that involves a recollection of early childhood that may be falsely recalled or magnified in importance, One that perhaps masks another memory of deep emotional significance.


    For this body of work I have focused my attention on the structured landscapes of Forests and pools for both the painterly and symbolic possibilities.

    As a direct experience of nature and memory slowly disappears from our lives, we begin to view it in different ways, and as life becomes more complex and artificial, the longing for a return to a natural simplicity grows

    By practicing patience and trusting the process of painting to reveal itself through the layered marks and the subtle build up of pigment, I hope to make discoveries not only about myself, but the world as I see it. Working with the fluid nature of memory and perception, leaving gaps and spaces within the paintings will allow room for certain discoveries to be made. Hopefully for truth and beauty to reveal itself.


    Julie Moss


    CV & Education

    2016  RWA Exhibition Bristol  27th sept - 27th Nov 

    2016  Correspond Ocean terminal Edinburgh 28th july -28th August

    2016  Correspond Artworks Halifax  20th Feb - 20th March 

    2016  Spectrum The Herrick Gallery Mayfair London  2nd Feb -27th Feb 

    2015  The other Art fair Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London 15th - 19th Oct.

    2015  Windsor and Newton Painting prize, Griffin Gallery, London july

    2015  Newlyn Society of Artists exhibition  Penwith Gallery St Ives  May 

    2015   Winter Exhibition Hadfield Fine Art Cheltenham 14th Febuary- !st March 

    2014   New Horizons Porthminster Gallery St Ives 6th August - 11th October

    2014   Correspond  Turps Banana group show London 5th August- 11th August

    2014   Tribe prize Edgar Modern Gallery  Bath 

    2014     Showroom  at the PZ Gallery   Penzance  

    2014    Heseltine Gallery  Flux     Truro  Cornwall

    2013    Turps Banana , Cloud Chamber   Mayors Parlour Gallery, London            

     2013    Hadfield Fine Art   Autumn Exhibition      Cheltenham

    2013    April   Affordable Art Fair (Bristol) Hadfield Fine Art

     2012    Newlyn Society of Artists    Christmas Crackers  Helen Feiler Gallery  Newlyn 

     2012    Launch Collective   Crypt Galleries   St Ives    

     2012    Newlyn Society of Artists    ‘Colour Remains‘    Helen Feiler Gallery   Newlyn

     2012   Hadfield Fine Art   Autumn Exhibition    Cheltenham

     2012    Open Space Galleries  Autumn Exhibition  Falmouth 

     2012    Elected member of Newlyn Society of Artists   

     2011    Royal West of England Academy 159th Autumn Exhibition    Bristol

     2011    Cornwall Contemporary Gallery     Penzance

     2011    Red Dot Group Show      Falmouth

     2011    University College Falmouth Degree Show 

     2011    Newlyn Society of Artists   Print!    Exchange Gallery    Penzance   

     2010  A4 International Print Show Open Space Gallery, Penryn  

     2010  Red Dot Group Show Falmouth 

    2009  Royal West of England Academy Bristol, Autumn Exhibition

    2009  Shortlisted R.A. Summer Exhibition 

    2008  2nd year group show Poly Falmouth 


    Bolton School of Art      1973-1976 

     Falmouth College of Art Foundation Course    2004 -2006

     B.A ( Honours) Fine Art  University College Falmouth     2006- 2011

    Turps Banana corespondence course 2012 -2015


    Fresh paint magazine issue 11

      Turps Banana Spring 2014

    British Vogue Jan. 2014

    World of interiors september 2014