I have a long running, ongoing body of work called 'Seeing Differently'. I have adjusted books, paintings, photographs....the list goes on. In all of them I have removed all but the textiles and clothing. I have painted out, cut out and coloured out as different ways to high light the textiles in every type of art. It is an obsession and a huge learning process. This has lead on to a series called 'The Way I See It' which is an on-going series of low-relief canvasses. All the details of the artworks have been turned to white low relief, while the textiles are left in full colour. They represent my view, simply 'the way I see it'. I am excited to say that four of these works will be exhibited at the Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) in Leuven, Belgium, in August the conference program is amazing see https://www.vsac2019.org/program