Project FITTIES is a collaboration between three artists to realise an innovative cross-disciplinary project. Annabel McCourt is a filmmaker and photographer, Judith Tucker is a painter and Harriet Tarlo a poet. We draw on over 30 years experience in our respective fields with strong track records in both academic and creative work. Our work responds to a part of North East Lincolnshire coast that might be considered the epitome of a landscape in which the human and non-human are interconnected and entwined. It is a place that invites questions about what is natural, and what is unnatural. Fitties originally means saltmarshes. The Fitties plotlands at Humberston lie behind marshy beach and dunes, a quirky domestication of land protected by raised banks from the threat of tidal surges. Here, since between the wars, local people and visitors have erected their diverse dwellings with individualistic names and styles, in order to enjoy the simple, restorative pleasures of seaside life. The exhibition will include larger paintings and poems which contextualize the Fitties in the wider marsh and beach land around Humberston, while the photographs, smaller paintings and short poems evoke the past and present, exteriors and half-hidden interiors of the holiday chalets. They speak too of the relationships between people and place from the wild and planted foliage to the found poems taken from the names given by the owners. This exhibition speculates whether and how the practices of painting and photography in relation to poetry might be employed in an affective understanding of place. This work emerged from a collaborative commission funded by the Arts Council and curated by Linda Ingham as Excavations and Estuaries.