In the primordial soups where scientists believe life on earth was originally born, an unlikely accident* occurred; a process through which a molecule was formed that could create copies of itself, ultimately resulting in creation of a living organism. Throughout history men and women have struggled to understand “the spark of life”, the crucial element that causes some things to be alive. At times it can be difficult to identify living or non-living, seed or stone, animate or inanimate. Artist Andy Holden in his Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape says "maybe there is no such thing as an inanimate object" and in the 21st century when scientists can create, alter and manipulate life, the possibilities offered by contemporary bio-science begin to change our understanding of what is life.
Improbable Experiments with Growing Stones exp;ores ideas about improbability and chance, the suspension of disbelief in the quest for knowledge and understanding, and the notion that maybe anything is possible. It sets out to explore our ambivalent relationship with scientific progress and what we might understand as life in our rapidly changing world.

*Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene