Approved: 07.12.2014

Jo Thorne

Artist, Curator, Writer

Approved: 07.12.2014

Artist Statement

My work is concerned with the body and it's relationship to prosthetics.  I am interested in the dual identities of technically abled bodies and disabled bodies.  It is important to me to reference the domestic which in 'Limbs Unmade' I have done through the use of elements and staging in the assemblages similar to still life paintings.  In referencing the domestic my aim is to relocate 'otherness' from the realm of the spectacle to the every day.  Through the use of familiar connections there is a personal communication about an everyday existence.

I have a particular interest in Disability Arts as a disabled artist.  I am developing my experience of curating through a project funded by the Arts Council to co-curate a group show 'Slippage- The Unstable Nature of Difference'.  This exhibition explores physical and psychological difference to encourage people to think in new ways about themselves and about people with disabilities.  It's aim is to create a dialogue about what it is to be human within contemporary society. Artists include Alexa Wright, Katherine Arianello, Naomi Lakmeir, Paddy Hartley, Lesley Halliwell, Lisa Bufano, Eric Fong, Susan & Karen Heald, Andrew Kotting, Daksha Patel and myself

The group of work chosen contributes to the debate about 'difference' highlighting that the actual notion of 'difference' is in some ways problematic.  It focuses on the experience of embodiment and includes a range of media.

CV & Education


  • 10/08-07/14   University of Chester   BA(Hons) Fine Art First Class
  • 10/96-03/97   University of Dundee   Child Protection Certificate
  • 09/94-09/95   Lothian & Borders Training Forum   Practice Teaching Award (CETSW)
  • 09/95-06/96   Leith School of Art    Foundation Certificate in Fine Art
  • 10/90-06/92   University of Edinburgh   Masters in Social Work (MSW) & CQSW
  • 08/84-06/92   LBC   BA(Hons) Theology


  • 09/14-   Free Lance Co-curator for group exhibition 'Slippage-The Unstable Nature of Difference   Arts Council Funded   Part time
  • 01/08-   Independent Reviewing Officer  Borough of Wirral   Part time 
  • 10/06-    Associate Lecturer Open University   Part time


  • 03/15   'Slippage- The Unstable Nature of Difference'  Contemporary Art Space Chester
  • 03/14   'Foyer Show'   University of Chester
  • 07/13   'Unlucky'   University of Chester