Approved: 16.08.2006

Joss Burke

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Project manager, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

The work I've produced has dealt with issues and ideas about the Irish Diaspora and cultural identity. Living in both the UK and France I've explored the similarities and differences in European culture and environments with the use of objects, digital imagery and installations.

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Artist Statement

The work I've produced has dealt with issues and ideas about the Irish Diaspora and cultural identity. Living in both the UK and France I've explored the similarities and differences in European culture and environments with the use of objects, digital imagery and installations.

CV & Education

Languages      English, French

Education / Teaching

2005 – 20        Birmingham City University, Visiting Lecturer and Programme Manager, Joshibi Summer School for Joshibi University of Art and Design and Joshibi Junior College, Japan. 

2012               Birmingham City University, Programme Coordinator J. F. Oberlin University, Japan. 

2005                Classworks Birmingham Artists Schools Project. Lead Artist.                      

2004                Lead Artist, Gallery 37, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham, U.K.

2003                University of Central England Visiting Lecturer Joshibi Summer School

Lead Artist, Gallery 37, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham, U.K.  

            University of Central England, Visiting Lecturer in 3-Dimensional Design, Furniture.    

2003 – 5          Ecole de Communication Visuelle, Bordeaux, France. Visiting Lecturer.

1990 - 2003    University of Wolverhampton, Senior Lecturer in 3-Dimensional Design.    

                        M.A.+ B.A. (Hons.) 3-Dimensional Design in Wood, Metal, Plastics.           

1989 – 90        Sandwell and Dudley College. Lecturer in Art and Design.


2019                Human Nature / Nature Humaine Exhibition catalogue, Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux collection ISBN 978-2-9551428-6-8

2016                Déraciner Exhibition catalogue ISBN 978-1-907796-20-3



                        Facebook @JoshibiSummerSchoolatBCU

                        Facebook @CairnhillJardin

 Cairnhill Garden

 Located in the south of the Charente, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, Cairnhill is a long term creative and ecological project. Commenced in 2009 the garden covers 1 ½ hectars and opens once a year to the public for the festival Rendez-vous aux jardins. The festival organized by the French Ministry of Culture involves nearly 2,400 historic, botanic and private gardens, Cairnhill has participated in Rendez-vous aux jardins annually since 2014. Exhibitions involving French and British artists have been held each year for this event and respond to the theme given by the French Minister of Culture. Educational visits and artists talks accompany the exhibitions.


Member of the British collective Dialogue

Founder member of the French Association Dialogue UK-FR

Selected Exhibitions

 2019 – 2020    Human Nature / Nature Humaine  Dialogue exhibition Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux

2019        Human Nature / Nature Humaine - Dialogue exhibition Forum des Arts et de la Culture

2017        Hangar en bois, Bordeaux, France.

2016        Déraciner, mac Birmingham, UK. Sculpture, print and weblink to the garden Cairnhill.

Metavilla, #meet2 Bordeaux, France.

2014        Apporter sa pierre à l'édifice / Bring to the table, Rugby Museum and Art Gallery, UK

2012        Allotment Plot 10 Dialogue group exhibition, mac Birmingham, web link to France, installations and digital prints.

2011         Dialogue Group exhibition. Digital prints, Oxford Brooks University, UK.

                 Ludovic, Claude et Christophe Masse. Un siècle de passion pour l’art et la littérature      Digital prints selected by Christophe Masse. Pôle culturel du Bois fleuri, Lormont, Fr.

                 Transitions  Exhibition coordination of French artists exchange. ARTicle Gallery, UK.

2010          Dialogue Art Chartrons group exhibition. Installation and digital prints, Bordeaux, Fr. 

                 Jardin de la Lezardiere, solo exhibition of sculpture and digital prints, Charente, Fr.

2009          Re-Place Curator / exhibiter in an Anglo / French group Birmingham, UK. 

2008          Art Chartrons Curator of British artists shown at le Hangar en Bois, Bordeaux, France.

                   Art Chartrons, Installation and drawings, Le Hangar en Bois, Bordeaux, France.

                    Artyshow Marche des Capucin, Bordeaux, France

2007            L’Abranet – Solo exhibition. Digital prints embedded in resin. Bordeaux, France

                    Epicier d’art. Digital prints. Studio of artist Isidore Kropo. Group show, Bordeaux, Fr.

2006            Novart – ‘Open doors Open eyes. Instillation, digital imagery and text. Bordeaux, Fr.

2005            Cru Bourgeois – Digital prints and resin sculpture. Chateau tour Castillon, Medoc Fr.

                    The window – Digital Print installation. Birmingham. UK 

2003            Maison du Vin - Solo exhibition, Bourg sur Gironde, France.

2002            All in the Text – Stroud House Gallery, Stroud. U.K.

                    1V Salon y Coloquio Internacional de Arte Digital Digital Prints. Havana, Cuba. 

                    The Cow Parade - ‘Lucky Cow’ London. Ceramic replica of ‘Lucky Cow’ in production.                                   

                    Birmingham Works - Selected exhibition of Contemporary art in Birmingham. U.K.

                    Royal Birmingham Society of Artists  - Digital prints. Birmingham. U.K.

2001            Derby Open - Digital prints with cast resin. Derby, U.K.

1998 - 99     Site Specific - Organised and exhibited in a group show of sculpture, painting, photography and installation work. Melbourne, Australia.

Gallda - Group exhibitions. 4 Artists of Irish ancestry making work about the Irish Diaspora and cultural identity. Liverpool, Birmingham and London, U.K.            


1986 / 87         M.A. Textile Design, specialisation Print. Birmingham Polytechnic. U.K.

1983 / 86         B.A. (Hons.) 3-Dimensional Design. Birmingham Polytechnic. U.K.

Awards / Research

2020              Marie de Bordeaux, Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux.

2019              Maire de Talence.

2010              Support from the Association Art Chartrons, Bordeaux.

2009 / 10       Arts Council of England support for exhibitions of work in Birmingham and Bordeaux.

2006             Development of digital print imagery and resin lamination in conjunction with Dome Plastics, France.

2002                Research Award - Lamination of digital imagery in resin. Wolverhampton University.

2001                Creative Ambitions award for the research and development of Digital Imagery.

1999 / 98         Sabbatical travel: - U.S.A., Canada, Alaska, India. Nepal, Thailand, Laos, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

1998                West Midlands Arts award for the exhibition of new work.

                        University of Wolverhampton research award for travel.

1997                Lottery funding, Arts for Everyone award to enable the production of new work.