This installation is one that deals with systems and methods of production, permanence and process.

The work’s composition or physical form is something that shifts or changes in order to respond and connect to the space it is exhibited in and the wider locale, the work will adapt in how it is adhered and fixed to the space it is in. The background objects are collected from the local vicinity, whitewashed, coloured in parts and then piled like detritus to create abstract compositions that when viewed through the black loops become separate framed compositions.

Beyond the studio and beyond the space exhibited there is a world that does and must infect the work. How to do this within an abstract based process is a question that has manoeuvred recent works. Resolving how I identify and select the representational and incorporate it within an abstract framework: Considering their “basic worth“, objects, formal shapes, vernacular methods or patterns, are treated as “data” and either incorporate themselves as an abstract value or act as a foil to it.