I used to have hundreds of these in various shades of green, tan and blue. This guy, the only one left, comes equipped with just a pistol; but I remember others frozen in mid action: corkscrewed backwards to fling grenades, or low crawling, rifle in one hand. The best ones had bazookas - bent down on one knee, bazooka over the shoulder.
My brother and I used to play with them for hours, lobbing some sort of projectile - another soldier usually, a pawn - trying to knock down each other’s men. I always used to hide a few, keep some back, a small crack squad of 10 or so, to let him think he had won. Then, just when it looked like I'd lost, I would lift them all into position in one go (from behind a cushion or pile of blocks) lined up on a ruler or book... Even though he’s two years younger than me, the tactic must have worn thin fairly soon, but at the time I believed it was pure genius.
You don't see them around much these days. Maybe it’s for the best.

‘Toy Soldier’. Acrylic on board.