Expeller-sound sculpture, is part of a body of work, with the same name -'Expeller' and a linking but not identical theme tune; one is a film, one is a performance and this piece is a sound sculpture.

This footage is of Expeller sound sculpture being played at The Crypt Gallery St Pancras, London.

What starts off siren like, (an alarm perhaps for things to come), then sounds reminiscent of a call to prayer. It sprawls along at a hypnotic pace, unravelling like an ocean of velvet, expanding into each nook and cranny, crack and crevice, with a disturbingly haunting quality of a lullaby. It is not sure what it is, something in-between. At times the vocals are distorted as the singer is slapped around the face and tapped on her voice box. Carefully choreographed movements are presented as they travel through and activate the space.
The singing lies at the threshold of pain and power. Exploring the idea of grief via keening, it brings those deeply personal moments into the public realm. It explores how grief can be unpredictable and all encompassing. Sometimes grief is in control as the grieving are more dead than the dead.