Approved: 16.08.2006

John Plowman


Approved: 16.08.2006

My practice encompasses studio and curatorial activity through which I explore my interest in the production of art and the site(s) of its production and exhibition and have exhibited in and curated one person and group exhibitions in this country and abroad. My work includes sculpture, installation, performance and drawing exploring the dynamic between two and three dimensions, the made and the yet to be made. Drawing is a key element of my art practice that at various times has been visible by its presence as much as by its absence.

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Artist Statement

My practice encompasses studio and curatorial activity through which I explore my interest in the production of art and the site(s) of its production and exhibition and have exhibited in and curated one person and group exhibitions in this country and abroad. My work includes sculpture, installation, performance and drawing exploring the dynamic between two and three dimensions, the made and the yet to be made. Drawing is a key element of my art practice that at various times has been visible by its presence as much as by its absence.

Place as Object as Material.
My current sculptural practice adopts a Geo-Autobiographical approach, locating a personal memory to a particular place, that suggests, in turn, an association with a particular object and a particular material. Producing sculpture that, individually and collectively, embody a personal narrative linked, albeit sometimes tangentially, by the relationship between place, object and material.

In 2004 I established the curatorial project Beacon which curates, creates and connects spaces for art, artists and audiences. From 2004 – 16 Beacon has worked regionally, nationally and internationally commissioning context specific artworks from over seventy artists providing opportunities for people to experience contemporary visual art in non-gallery spaces, usually heritage sites. In 2017 I established Beacon Bureau ( a development of the narrative arc created by Beacon Art Project. Beacon Bureau is a framework in which my skills, knowledge and experience are utilised. Providing opportunities for me to advance my practice by collaborating with others whose interests are congruent with my own. Beacon Bureau collaborates with individuals and organisations to advise and mentor, to curate exhibitions and events. Beacon Bureau proactively supports artists and small arts organisations to develop and achieve their artistic ambitions.


CV & Education

Qualifications and training

1987 - MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London

1980 - BA Hons, Fine Art, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester


2018.         ‘COLLAB PROJECT’ (with Bernard Leibov), BoxoPROJECT, Joshua Tree, California,         USA.
2015           ‘Drawing after the (f)act’  Salzamt Project Space, Linz, Austria. 

                  ‘Shroud Drawings’, Handel Street Projects, London, UK.     

                   ‘A Life Drawing, Nottingham Castle and Museum, Nottingham, UK.

2011           ‘Archive’, Idea Store Whitechapel, London

2009           ‘Thought For The Day,’ The Broadcaster, Wellingore + Waddington, Lincolnshire

2008           ‘The Reading Room’, Handel Street Projects at Thurloe Place, London

2005           ‘Twilight Shift’, Shillam + Smith 3, London 

2003            ‘field of activity : a continuation’,  Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

                    ‘field of activity’, Central Space, London.

2002            ‘scriptorium’,  medievalmodern,London.

2001           ‘....returns’,  Usher Gallery, Lincoln.

2000           Wigmore Fine Art, London.

                   ‘mark of the worker’, RIBA Architecture Gallery, London.

1998           ‘(s)pace(s)’, Shillam + Smith 3, London.

1997           C.A.S. Projects, The Economist Building, London.

                   Cafe Gallery, London.

1995           Triangle France,Friche de la Belle de Mai,Marseilles,France.

1993            63 Union Street, London.

1992           Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

1990           Gymnasium Project Space, London.

1988           Mario Flecha Gallery, London.

1987           Mario Flecha Gallery, London.


2019          ‘Minuscule Venice’, Fonementa Sant’Anna morning 996, Venice, Italy.

                  ‘Size of Thoughts’, White Conduit Projects, London, UK.

                  ‘Minuscule Part 2’. Cross Lane Projects, London, UK.                 

2018          ‘EMPIRE II’, Haus Galerii, Tallin, Estonia.

                  ‘Protocol’, Q-Park, Cavendish Square, London

                  ‘Collaborators 5’ Roaming Room, London, UK.

2017         'The Postcard Show', `Handel Street Projects. London, UK.
                 'VII BIENNAL DE JAFRE', Jafre, Spain.
                  ‘EMPIRE II’, Riva Dei Sette Martiri, Venice, Italy.
                   ‘EMPIRE II’, Art Week, Brussels, Belgium.
                   ‘CONCRETE+CLAY’, Beacon Bureau at Roaming ROOM, London, UK.
2016          'Midpointness', Air Space Gallery, Stoke on Trent, UK.
                  'Big Deal 7', Q Park, Cavendish Square, London, UK.
2015          'The Fall of the Rebel Angels', Venice, Italy.
                   ‘Silent Movies’, Q Park, Cavendish Square, London, UK.
                  ‘Collaborators 4’, Roaming Room, London, UK.

2014            50-50-50’, SYSON, Nottingham, UK.

                  ‘We could not agree’, Cavendish Square, London, UK.

2012          ‘Multiple Market’, Handel Street Projects, London      

                  ‘Wandering Lines 2’ , England & Co. London

                   ‘Headspace’  Over and Out, Lincoln

2011          ‘London Group Open’, Cello Factory, London, UK  

                  ‘Unearthed’, Warton House, London, UK

                  ‘6 Degrees’, Monks Gallery, Lincoln. UK

                  ‘The Charter of The Forest’ The Collection, Lincoln, UK

                  OPEM, The Collection, Lincoln, UK

                  ‘Not Ready Yet’, 5 Smithy Row, Nottingham, UK

2010          ‘The Moment Of Privacy Has Passed’, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK   

                  ‘Curating the Farm’, Woollaton Hall, Nottingham

                   ‘All Over The Place’, Stanley + Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds University, Leeds,

                   ‘Profusion’, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

                   ‘Pebbles and Avalanches’, Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax, UK

2009           ‘B Noticed’, The Broadcaster, Lincolnsire Postmethodists.

2008           ‘Farmers Market’, Handel Street Projects at Wigmore Street, London

                    ‘All Over the Place’, F Block Gallery, UWE, Bristol

                    ‘Drawn Together’, Greestone Gallery, Lincoln            

                    ‘Catching the Word’, Black and White Gallery, New York, USA

2006           Group Show, Handel Street Projects, London

2004           ‘BEACON art>travel>site’, sites in and around Lincoln.

2003            As long as it takes’, Pump House Gallery London.

                    ‘Chockerfuckingblocked’ Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London.

2002            ‘As long as it takes’, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

2001           ‘Drawing on our  past’, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

2000            'Perfidy’ ,  an intervention at La Tourette, Lyon, France.

                   ‘Perfidy’, Kettles Yard, Cambridge.

                   ‘Art on the Map’, Harding House Gallery, Lincoln;The Pearoom,

                    Heckington; Bend in the River,Gainsborough;Moot point,Louth;

                    Stamford Art Centre, Stamford.

1998           ‘smalls’, Upstairs at the Clerks House, London.

1997           Cheltenham Open Drawing, CGCHE, Cheltenham.

                   ‘exquisite corpse’, Art 97, London.

1996           ‘The Open’,  Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.

                   ‘50 Quid’, Derbyshire Street, Arts, London.

1995           ‘wednesday’, The Tannery, London.

1994           ‘recontres no. 5’, La Vigie, Nimes, France.

                    ‘flaet’, John Scurr House, London.

                   ‘Sous Reserve de Modification’, Montpelier, France.

1993            ‘In House Out House’, Unit 7, London.

                    ‘Pet Show’, 63 Union Street, London.

1992            ‘Lincoln Tower Project’, london.

1991           ‘Open Studios’, Carpenters Road, London.

1988           ‘Young Professionals’, Kimberlin Gallery, Leicester.

                   ‘Monumental Works’,  Crypt Gallery, London.

                    ‘Second Wave’,  Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

                   ‘Open Studios’ Carpenters Road, London.

                    ‘Fragments of False Houses’,PomeroyPurdyGallery,London.

                    ‘Homage to the Square’, Flaxman Gallery, London.

1987            ‘The Icon Show’, Mario Flecha Gallery, London.

                   Group  Show, Goldsmiths Gallery, London.

                    ‘Whitechapel  Open’, Whitechapel gallery, London.

                   ‘Sculpture in Scarborough’,  City Art Gallery, Scarborough.

                    ‘Metal and Motion’, City Art Gallery, Brighton. (and Touring)

                   ‘Four Artists’, Mario Flecha Gallery, London.

1986           International Art Fair, olympia, London.

                    ‘Globe Open  Studios,’  London.

                    ‘New British Sculpture’,  Air Gallery, London.

                    ‘The Golden Thread’, Harris Art Gallery, Preston. (and Touring)

1985           ‘Globe 2’, 346 Gallery, London.

1984           Studio Show, Ashmount Studios, London.

1983           ‘Whitechapel Open’, Whitechapel gallery, London.

                   Visual arts Hire Scheme, City Art Gallery, Peterborough.

                   ‘Pacesetters’, City Art Gallery, Peterborough.

1982           Waterloo Gallery, London.

                   ‘London Group, Camden Art centre, London. (and touring)


2001           Kunstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany.

1988-89         Goldsmiths’ College, London


2019         'No Particular Place To Go?', Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Uk. (Co-curated with  Clare O'Dowd)

2017          ‘CONCRETE+CLAY’, Beacon Bureau at Roaming ROOM, London, UK.

2014           ‘Scene Created’, Terry O’Toole Theatre, North Hykeham, UK.

2012-13       ‘Mistaken Presence’,  Greyfriars, Lincoln, UK

2012           ‘COMPASS’, Woolsthorpe Manor, Grimsthorpe Castle, Ayscoughfee Hall, Lincolnshire, UK

2010           ‘The Moment of Privacy Has Passed’, Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK.

                   ‘SCION’, Barrington Court, Ilminster, Somerset, UK

                     ‘Profusion’, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, UK

2006           ‘(no) place, like home’, sites in and around Boston, Lincs.               

2005           ‘sense of place : place of sense’, various sites in Lincolnshire

2004           ‘Beacon’ art>site>travel sites in and around Lincoln

1992           Lincoln Tower Project, London

1990-91      U7 Contemporary Art Project, London

1989-90      Gymnasium Project Space, London

1989           ‘Lowlands to London’ Goldsmiths Gallery, London (a selector)

1990           ‘Into the 90’s’, Mall Galleries, London ( a selector)


2007           Common Work’ conference, Tramway, Glasgow. Organised by University of Stirling.

                   Paper delivered: ‘Reciprocity and Superiority’

2006           Organiser ‘Drawing Board’, 2 day conference, University of Lincoln

                   Paper delivered ‘Marking Time : Treading Water

                   Publication ‘Drawing Board’ 2007 (ISBN 1-86050-209-1)

2004           Organiser of the ‘Labour of Art’ symposium, University of Lincoln

                   Publication ‘Labour Of Art’ 2005 (isbn 1-860501- 98 - 2)

1997           ‘Living in a Material World’ conference, Coventry University

                    Paper delivered: ‘With Pencils Behind Their Ears’ (ISBN 0 – 905949 – 84 - 6)


2011           ‘The Charter of The Forest’

2010          ‘All Over The Place’


                   ‘Pebbles and Avalanches’

2006            ‘no place, like home’

2005           ‘sense of place, place of sense’

2005           ‘Twilight Shift’ Shillam + Smith 3 (ISBN 1-901560-70-8)       

2004           BEACON  ( ISBN 1 – 860501-95-8 )

                   Mere Jelly

2003           ‘Field of Activity: a continuation’, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

                   ( ISBN   0 – 905634 – 63 - 2)

2002            ‘As Long As It Takes’,  Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

                   ( ISBN 0 – 905634 – 55 - 1 )

2001           ‘....returns’,  Usher Gallery, Lincoln.

2000            ‘Perfidy’,  Kettles Yard, Cambridge. ( ISBN 0 – 907074 – 84 – 7 )

1998           (s)pace(s), Shillam + Smith 3, London. ( ISBN  1 – 901560 – 40 – 6 )

1996           La Vigie, Nimes, France.

1994            ‘Sous Reserve de Modification’, Montpelier, France.

1988           Monumental Works, Crypt Gallery, London

                   Fragments of False Houses. Pomeroy Purdy gallery, London

                   Young Proffessionals, Kimberlin Gallery, Leicester Polytechnic

1987            Metal and Motion, Brighton Art Gallery

1986            New British Sculpture, Air Gallery London

                   ISBN ( 0 – 948596 – 05 – 8 )

                   The Golden Thread, Harris Museum, Preston

                   ISBN ( 0 – 9501141 –5-4)


2013           ‘Represent, Research, Rehearse’ in Mistaken Presence, ISBN 978-0-9553626-5-1

2008           ‘Found and Lost’ in publication for Andrew Bracey’s artstranspennine 08 project

2007           ‘Local and convivial’ in ‘Underscan’ by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

                   ISBN 0-9781347-0-2

2006           ‘Reciprocity’ in  ‘no place, like home’

                    ISBN 0-95553626-0-1

2005           ‘senseless and placeless’ in ‘sense of place:place of sense’

                   ISBN 1-860502-03-2


2002           Cornhill Arcade Project, Lincoln.

1997           Contemporary Art Society Projects, The Economist Building, London.

1988           Canning Place, Liverpool. (Bluecoat Gallery)

1986            Clerkenwell , London. ( Air Gallery)