A 14.4 metre long wooden bench constructed inside &Model Gallery (Leeds, UK) during an extended residency.

- The bench represents a unification of eight separate literal and figurative sites of repair - just as the woodworker's workbench, the surgeon's operating table, the ephemeral, non-physical space occupied by the telephone call made by two lovers reconciling after an argument are all places where repair takes place.
- The single, long bench was divided into 8 separate benches as a live performance using industrial tools.
- The resultant eight benches will, over the forthcoming months, find their way to new locations – sites where repair take place. Joe will follow each bench, speaking with the new users to learn about its utilisation within a new environment, and how the users relate to the bench as a provocation. The eight benches will, after a period of not less than one year, be reunited to (re)form an artwork, bearing the material traces and the narrative histories of its multiple users.