Before recently the representation of HIV in popular culture has been wrongly compared with death and biased towards prevention. ‘Elite Controller’ is the first of many forthcoming installations which remove preconceptions and judgment, done so here through the removal of 1980’s HIV awareness campaigns. Forms are drawn from scientific scans of viral structures, colors from pill casings of Antiretroviral medications (ARTs) and sculptural forms mimic the male form. With less awareness between my peers around HIV, the installations should create a vehicle where dialogue can be discussed about HIVs visual representation within our current culture.

Being aware of HIV, the term elite controller, applies to a diagnosis, meaning that someone might never need medication as their viral load remains undetectable, happening to 1% of all positive people. By allowing HIV to inform my practice I’ve been able to grasp what this diagnosis means through visual, painterly, site-specific installations, gaining and sometimes, loosing control around stigma, disclosure and prejudice. The temporal aspect of the work represents a spontaneous act of sex; the spontaneity is key, informing a sense of transmission and always challenging my own artistic practice. Allowing the future body of work to remain honest and personal to myself, whilst targeting the main symptom of HIV; stigma.