A small sculpture comprising of two linear frameworks, which are soldered 10 x 3 mm copper bar constructions. The dimensions: H 50 x W 32.4 x D 20.3 cm.

The two forms rest against each other, interlock and support one another.The ideas are developed from simple linear drawings in my notebooks and then made into patterns, which are used to form and shape the copper bar. The linear frameworks create a three-dimensional shape in space, through which the location, environment, can become integrated into the work.

In the drawings, I begin with a curved line in relationship to a straight line looking at lengths and proportions to compose shapes to use for constructions, often referring to the contour of a vessel or shape of the body.

'Linear spaces no.1' is the first small sculpture of a new series. In this work I am interested in exploring constructions that have ambiguities and an 'off balance'. Light, shadow, space, presence are always intrinsic elements of the work.