This is a wall based work consisting of 16 parts, constructed from 0.5 mm copper sheet. A group of 7 are double sided, soldered forms and the others are single curved pieces of copper. The forms hang from thread and pins which gives a delicate, physical sense of poise.

Dimensions of the forms vary from the smallest: h 0.2 x w 5 x d 1.8 cm to the largest: h 3 x w x 100 x d 9.8 cm. The area dimension: h 80 x w x 292 d x 9.8 cm

The changes of natural light throughout the day, the reflections of the copper on the wall and the shadows, which are cast by the forms are important elements of this work. The spacing between the forms is considered to create a sense of movement and memory of an expanse, and distance.