“What I have questioned throughout is how does language become a visual ? How is language materialised? By language i mean a method of communication. This exploration is for me, my artists and audience to understand the governing of language within both the making of artwork as well as in an era paraded with visual advertisements and diverse technology.”

Mind: The faculty of consciousness and thought in which a person can obtain knowledge and experience the world. Language: A method of communication.
Matter: A physical substance or materiality within space.

Mind.Language.Matter looks to push the boundaries and explore how these aspects are intwined. The variety of artists involved working with text, sculpture to performance, is a means to explain the multiple different components that language can both configure and articulate within both the art world and the everyday environment.

The the St Marys Office space becomes a place of weaving between and of being in limbo. The audience are invited to be led round the exhibition in one direction to experience each element. The works and the space are active and become a representation of how we, our minds and our thoughts are too always being exercised. Language here is abstracted and simplified for the audience to interpret and reconsider similarities and obscurities.