Artist Jill Impey is touring her Arts Council England funded Project, “The Weather Report” ,
a film screening in a two hour creative engagement with the film maker and artist, performing as her fictional historical character “Lucida”. 

Lucida is a mental health nurse just returned from New Zealand in 1948.

The subtitled short film, funded by Arts Council England in 2020/21, is a powerful and moving record of the thoughts and voices of women from coastal, immigrant and creative communities (in England in 2021 and New Zealand in 2019). They explore their feelings about the weather, the sea, migration, colonisation, notions of connection and what it means to be ‘A Good Ancestor’. 

The Weather Report tour (National Lottery funded and supported by Art’s Council England in 2022) offers visitors the opportunity to take inspiration from the film and engage with a creative process of gathering and sharing wisdom and understanding. An uplifting experience that helps to improve well-being through connection with nature and each other and perhaps bring new understandings. 

The Weather Report is currently touring the UK and New Zealand starting with The Hive, Shrewsbury, Prince Rock School Plymouth, The Dragon Theatre Barmouth and The Old Art School Raglan New Zealand in 2022, followed by Wolverhampton Arena Theatre with a BSL signed performance in spring 2023. The final exhibition and events will be shown between April and May 2023 at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.