Approved: 23.06.2014

Jessica Wilson


Approved: 23.06.2014

Artist Statement

In the studio I begin by making a series of line drawings. These drawings are an essence of something half remembered, a moment caught, an approximation. The inspiration is visual and generated from the world around me: from the negative space between two objects or the texture of a fabric to patterns in weather and the movement of traffic. I constantly look back over the drawings, mentally dissecting, reworking and inventing. The original memory becoming ever more faded and blurred until the drawings take on a life of their own.

From these line drawings I begin to think about other formal aspects – colour, tone and surface. I start to paint in my head, playing out different scenarios, different moves. It feels like a game but I am unsure of the rules. When a particular arrangement grabs me I spring into action, eager to get paint on the surface before I forget my intentions. Some works are completed quickly – others take more time, needing a further period of looking, thinking and drawing. The paint often surprises me and the tactics need to be altered.

I work on many pieces at once and so my studio wall is always full of paintings. The works are constantly shifted around, being placed and reordered. I see this wall as an evolving story, a set of possibilities. My imagination bounces from one work to the next. The works are never viewed singularly; together they form an investigation into visual language and are an attempt at conversation.

CV & Education

Born England, 1986. Currently living and working in Glasgow.



2016 - Glasgow School of Art Masters in Fine Art Practice

2012 - Turps Banana Painters Studio Programme London 

2011 - University College Falmouth BA (Hons) Fine Art  

2008 - Bedford College Foundation Diploma in Fine Art




Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary - Finalist 

Dumfries House, Scotland - Artist in Residence 




Stray Tinsel - a peripatetic, site-specific drawing project led by Sara Kerry and Jessica Wilson

Steal the Show curated by Jessica Wilson Bentinck Street, Glasgow


Co-founder of The Juncture, an artist led initiative encouraging dialogue in a space between studio and gallery




Steal the Show Bentinck Street, Glasgow

Mary, Blinky, Jessica, Yay! (solo) Gerald Moore Gallery, London

Who spat in her bean curd? Stray Tinsel Brighton/Glasgow 



The Undead Painters present FLASH SALON III Saturation Point, London



Paper Cuts Transition Gallery, London

Secret Auction, Art on a Postcard Maddox Gallery, London


Collective Memory (the past and future is ours)  Celine, Glasgow & Bushwick Open Studios, New York 

Graduate Degree Show - Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

Spectrum - Open Exhibition PS Mirabel, Manchester

The Undead Painters present FLASH SALON II Bond House Gallery, London

A Camel is a Horse - Transmission Members Show Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 

The Smaller The Larger Sobering Gallery, Paris

Constant Cravings Taidelaboratorio Viiskulma, Helsinki 

Art Car Boot Fair  London, Hastings

Diamonds and Pearls Glasgow School of Art Project Space, Glasgow 

Prime Wall Projects, Montrose, Scotland



Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary Mall Galleries, London

Charity Auction, Art on a Postcard Soho Revue, London

The Undead Painters present FLASH SALON Bond House Gallery, London

Art Car Boot Fair  London, Margate

Lonely Long Feet - Sara Kerry, Jessica Wilson Standpoint, London

Bow Arts Open Studios The Nunnery, London



Surfacing East Street Arts, Leeds

Composed Formations The Juncture at Unit 3, London

Mark Wallinger selects The Best of Bow Arts Bermondsey Project, London

Summer Saloon Lion and Lamb, London and Suffolk

Art Car Boot Fair  London, Liverpool, Folkestone

Bow Arts Open Studios The Nunnery, London

Show, but also tell The Gallery, King's College London, London

Preamble The Juncture at Unit 3, London                  

First Come, First Served Lion and Lamb, London



Freeze 13 The Mayor's Parlour, London

Turps Banana Painting Programme Vigo, London

Turps Banana Studio Exhibition V22, London                       

Artist of the Day Flowers Gallery, London                        

Art Car Boot Fair Brick Lane Yard, London

Turps Banana Interim Show The Mayor’s Parlour, London 

An Undelivered Postcard from the Edge of the World Jotta, London

First Come, First Served Lion and Lamb, London



Open Studios Cornwall 2012 Krowji, Cornwall

Woburn Artbeat 2012 Bedford Street Gallery, Bedfordshire



Breakfast The Rag Factory, London

Postscript Centre Space Gallery, Bristol                       

Degree Show University College Falmouth, Cornwall



Second Year Show The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall  

Elastic Bang University College Falmouth, Cornwall



Show, but also tell Exhibition Catalogue, April 2014

Turps Banana Painting Programme Exhibition Catalogue, October 2013

Turps Banana Studio Painter Turps Banana Issue 13, May 2013



Even ‘abstract’ begins as an ideology - Art on a Postcard

Jessica Wilson - Young Space

“Creation is the rebellion” Interview with Jessica Wilson - The Aesthete Hunter

Jessica Wilson - Floorr Magazine Issue 3

Patterns That Connect - Summer Saloon Show 2014, Lion and Lamb  



Frangenberg Collection

The Royal Collection